Brand New HALO 4 Footage From MLG

The guys over at MLG have been able to get an exclusive and extensive look at HALO 4, a plethora of video have been released.

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DivineAssault 2320d ago

Just another Halo game.. ill wait til its $40

h311rais3r2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Enjoy the loss.


It's just another cod. It just another god of war. It's just another (insert sequel) etc

Drake1172319d ago

This looks so amazing, i'm glad that 343 is def keeping the pro side of halo in mind when designing this and i'm also glad that it looks like MLG will be supporting halo 4.

units2320d ago

You keep telling yourself that

fastNslowww2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

well it is, it plays no different..except for a few minor additions. Frankly it's a little disappointing to see 343 do little to evolve the gameplay aspect of it. Don't get mad if others want change in the formula. While campaign is sure to be A LOT better going by what we know, the Multiplayer is the same old.

Chuk52320d ago

Skyward sword same as twilight princess, twilight proncess same as majora, majora same as Ocarina.

God of wars, all the same.

I can be reductive too.

DivineAssault 2320d ago

Some ppl like the same thing over & over 7 times & paying companies $60 a pop for a new coat of paint.. I havent bought COD, Zelda, Mario, etc in a long time cuz its the same crap.. But as long as ppl keep buying into it, they will keep putting them out & laughing.. Poor microsoft, they cant sell a 1st party game without aliens & guns

DivineAssault 2320d ago

I will while i enjoy Last of Us, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear, AC3, Etc.. Those arent on their 7th entry or anything but ill enjoy em..

Drake1172319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Why are you so intimidated by Halo's success? I literally see your retarded comments on every halo article, get a life dude.

p.s. AC3 is the 4th assassins creed in the last 4 years...It will still be a good game though i'm not a hater.

allyc4t2320d ago

Looks good. I really hope they have a "Classic Team Slayer" playlist, not a big fan of loadouts/killstreaks.

ThichQuangDuck2320d ago

They would benefit greatly from a classic playlist, want to see more big maps with vehicles

Virus2012320d ago

There will be. Kiki WolfKill said there is going to be Normal Slayer and Infinity Slayer.

allyc4t2320d ago

This is why I love Halo. No matter what they do or add to change the game, there are still ways to play however you want.

Balcrist2320d ago

I concur with ally,What makes Halo way more than an FPS is all the different gametypes. Every shooter game has kill based gametypes, but none come close to the amount of Objective gametypes that Halo has. Griffball, HaloBall, Soccer, obstical courses (like Avalanche)! Giving Halo Players the ability to Forge Maps and Gametypes has allowed Halo to evolve past the normal bounds of a First Person Shooter. The Best thing about Halo was that if you ever got bored, all you had to do was make up a new gametype!

Drake1172319d ago

I just hope MLG brings Halo back to the main stage with H4 and support it like they did with halo 2 and 3, plus what you said lol.