Is Watch Dogs The True Next Gen Experience?

Watch Dogs, the new Ubisoft title we saw at E3, got a very positive reception. And rightfully so, the game looks intriguing, with dynamic, next-gen graphics. But eye candy wasn't all we saw, with the hacking ability in game mixed with some third person shooting, this could offer a truly unique gaming experience. But is it that next gen one we're after?

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MysticStrummer2381d ago

Visually maybe, but not gameplay.

Dovahkiin2381d ago

Gameplay doesn't dramatically change over a generation, the concepts and ideas maybe; but Don't expect games to play entirely differently just because the technology is more up to date.

Hisiru2381d ago

Can you name some games with the same concept of gameplay? Or are you saying it just because it's an open world game?

MysticStrummer2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

I'm talking about the open world, but also how heavily scripted it appears to be. I knew my comment would get disagrees, but it's my honest opinion. I think the game looks cool, and I'll buy it unless I hear info that makes me change my mind, but I saw nothing in the gameplay that can't be done with current hardware. For me, a "True Next Gen Experience" means more than visuals. Peace and good gaming.

@Dovahkhiin - I don't expect all games to advance their gameplay along with the console generations. This generation is proof enough that most don't with the exception of visuals. That type of advancement just doesn't impress me as much as most people I guess.

1nsomniac2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

There's nothing publicly available worldwide that can currently handle this game visually or gameplay-wise. Thats why they had to build a completely custom non-commercial PC to run the demo. Look at all the AI & every single NPC is interactable. Obviously by the time it's relesed it will have been stripped down some.

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