Are Good Graphics Enough?

"Despite all the pessimism surrounding this year’s E3, there is one good thing to be gleaned from it. Top development companies have shifted from an emphasis on high-end graphics to a high-end engine—the difference is small, but impacts games in huge ways and says a lot about how the next generation consoles are likely to deal with improving the performance of games when graphics are already performing high across consoles (…excluding the Wii)."

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TheModernKamikaze2294d ago

Good gameplay is enough for me.

BrunoM2294d ago

Gameplay is a must specially of you have been gaming sense the Sega master system as I been ..

But times are different and the way a game looks right now is able to make it or break it at times ..

So the new engines are welcome cus they make it easy to work with and well. One of us can say they look bad

So if next gen starts with these engines and they do pay attention to gameplay il be on a mix of the two is the best

dark-hollow2294d ago

I disagree. a lot of developers love to boast about their graphics but the gameplay and overall game design is crap.

not to say graphics aren't important and there is games that are both beautiful and have solid gameplay.

how many times you said to yourself "this game looks good" compared to "wow the controls are so satisfying"?

EeJLP-2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

If I say a game 'looks good', I'm talking the total package, which includes whatever gameplay can be made out from whatever teaser or trailer I've seen.

I've never bought a game solely on graphics.

If I say something 'looks like crap', unless I specifically mention the graphics, again, I'm talking about the total package and the gameplay looks crappy, feels behind the times compared to other games available, or is just something I'm not interested in.

gaffyh2294d ago

Good graphics nowdays means a different thing to what it used to. Now good graphics can mean realistic movement animations, lighting, destructible environments, and a better sense of immersion. That was never the case before, so graphics do matter a lot for some games that use these things.

On the other hand, there are things like Disgaea which doesn't have the best graphics, but always sells a decent amount because people enjoy it's gameplay. Of course, if it had the same gameplay, and better graphics, perhaps it would sell even more.

Good graphics alone aren't enough, but most games with good graphics are not just pretty to look at. They usually have decent stories and gameplay too.

SilentNegotiator2293d ago

"Are Good Graphics Enough?" is a STUPID question with an insinuation that no person on the planet is arguing for.

MacDonagh2294d ago

Of course it's not enough. People tend to be blinded by graphics when it's all the elements within a game that makes it a worthwhile exercise altogether.

An example of not seeing the forest because of the trees.

3GenGames2294d ago

Enough? HELL NO. Games are meant to have good gameplay, graphics are a bouns if it has both. But graphics with no gameplay mean a crap game no matter what. Pull your head out of your butts guys, Super Mario World is better than most 3D games on modern consoles. Notice the word most, not all, most.

3GenGames2294d ago

And to further my point:



aznrunner18812294d ago

Minecraft is's all bout Terraria

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