Four Things that Should be in Fallout 4

Although Fallout 3 was a great RPG, Bethesda can make Fallout 4 even better by adding these elements to the game.

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zeal0us2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Long as Obsidian Entertainment isn't making I'm good.

Yes I know Bethesda isn't perfect but compared to Obsidian they seem to make a better Fallout imho. I kept playing F3 until the last DLC. I stop playing NV after the first DLC was release.

I think a level system for your followers would be great.

mistajeff2378d ago

I thought obsidian handled choice and consequence much better than Bethesda, which is perhaps the main staple of a proper fallout game. Also, Bethesda completely butchered the lore. I'd like to see obsidian make a fallout game with a REAL development cycle, where zenimax doesn't axe their QA testing like they did with new vegas. Still though, I thought new vegas completely trumped 3 in terms of narrative and writing, which I would argue are the most important elements of fallout 1 and 2.

MoreConsole2379d ago

"Have followers that are tough" - Agreed. It'd be nice to have a companion that didn't bruise like a ripe peach.

dark-hollow2378d ago

What about fawkes?
He takes hits like a f**ing tank!

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NastyLeftHook02378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

-Limbs that react when there blown up, like if a man loses his leg he would fall over and shoot you.

-custom weapons, where you can personalize them..ex (bat with nails/and set on fire.


thank you.

Alos882378d ago

I'm pretty sure enemies only lost their limbs when they died in Fallout 3.

123_3212378d ago

I just want a game that'll run for ten minutes without fre...............ezing.

irishyort2378d ago

buy an xbox!

2 Freezes.... ever.... over 300 hrs gameplay on FO3 and just over 150 in NV

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The story is too old to be commented.