Could Resident Evil 6 Mercenary Mode feature four players, become more like horde mode?

8 Bit Envy speculates about the change in Resident Evil 6's Mercenary Mode and whether it could change into more of a Gears of War Horde Mode.

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user54670072382d ago

Hopefully they'll offer a no time limit mode this time round.

GillHarrison2382d ago

I agree, I mean I loved the old Mercenaries but I would like to see a mode where it counts how long I could survive.

matt19912382d ago

Game developers have to come up with something new. Horde mode's are really becoming extremely boring. the only horde mode i had fun in was Red Faction.

BraveToaster2382d ago

Way to go. You just gave Capcom an idea for some DLC