E3 2012: The Last of Us Doesn't Want You to Think Ellen Page is Ellie, Announces Changes

Apparently, when Naughty Dog was creating the character Ellie for their highly anticipated third-person shooter The Last of Us, they didn't know that the "Juno" actress would appear in Quantic Dream's new title. So when they saw Sony's impressive footage on Monday, they started to worry that gamers would might confuse Ellie for Ellen.

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PockyKing1989d ago

I thought they already changed Ellie to make her look a lot younger?

vitz31989d ago

Yeah whomever wrote this article missed the bus. They changed her look a while back even before Quantic Dreams' E3 showing. Maybe they had an insight beforehand but no way was it done after the E3 demo. Game changes don't get implemented that quickly.

Vitalogy1989d ago

My thoughts are quantic might have informed sony about having ellen paige voice acting for beyond and sony talked to naughty dog so they could tweak a bit ellie's look.

DeFFeR1989d ago

@Vitalogy - that's what I thought right after the Beyond showing. The whole "Ellie" change made sense after seeing that.

Although, I wouldn't mind if it was some sort of blended universe.

Dee_911989d ago

the chick in beyond look more like ellen .. lol
seeriously tho I dont think this is a just a third person shooter its a third person survival

MaxXAttaxX1989d ago

She's supposed to be no more than 14 years old, remember?

Naughty Dog usually updates their character models while still in development. See: Nathan Drake early Uncharted 2 reveal vs final version for example.

crxss1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

@pockyking yeah they already made changes from the first two trailers... and if they change Ellie too drastically they might displease some fans. why can't ND just let us have fun making the comparisons? I personally love that Ellen Page is in two games for 2013 :D

DeadlyFire1988d ago

Even so she still looks kinda the same to me. Although the new look is different. Although if you shaved everyone's head we would all look a little similar. So personally I don't care who she looks like. A character is a character. Every gameworld is a new universe.

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killerhog1989d ago

And she still looks like Ellen Page. Me and my bro were joking about that during the E3 showing.

BinaryMind1989d ago

Of course, it was not only a coincidence that she looked like Ellen Page, but also a coincidence that she was named "Ellie!"

andibandit1989d ago

whats all the fuss about?...The character from "Beyond the Last of us" looks nothing like Ellen from Uncharted

SPAM-FRITTER-1231988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

looks younger but still has a fully grown womans voice. bit lazy on ND side i think.

anyway whats with the ellen page...she's a dog. the only people who like her are tweens and emo's

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SoldierX1989d ago

I think I confused Beyond for Last of Us and Juno for Ellie.

LiquifiedArt1989d ago

my issue isnt with ellen page, its with joel looking just like drake in an older form. where the heck is the uniquie character desgin!?

The designers are 100% at fault on that one.

Kte1989d ago

Ellen has a bigger head

morganfell1989d ago

Seriously. Look at that pic above. And I though only Tyra Banks had a billboard forehead like that.

SilentNegotiator1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I'd buy ad space for that thing.
Chiles off of route 63 - come on in!

Remember that change that they initially made? That looked awful. Like a 6 year old's face on a 14 year old's body.

I don't see the big deal if she looks like someone coincidentally (unless she took offense and sued or something)...aren't movie stars and models mocked and copied in general anyway, because of how "great" they look?

killerhog1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

True that homey. I don't know why they keep sweating Ellen, she's alright looking, but in the movie Super she looks horrible. She's also an alright actress, at times it's hard for me not to think she's annoying. To be honest, I wasn't liking beyond because of her long scenese. I can handle Ellen, but not for too long.

DeadManMcCarthy1989d ago

meh, ellen page is still cute though.

Les-Grossman1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

People thought she looked like Ellen Page long before E3 2012

kneon1989d ago

Sure, we all did. But it didn't matter until the real Ellen Page showed up as the main character in another big Sony exclusive. I can see why they don't want people to think she's Ellen Page anymore.

colonel1791989d ago

I can imagine the guys at Quantic Dream worried that everybody thought Ellie looked like Ellen. They must have gone to Sony to tell Naughty Dog to change Ellie's character

Snarkasaur1989d ago

I'm not sure how they can make the comment that Page didn't serve as a model. Ellie...Ellen. They look nearly identical, even moreso in the old trailer. And neither in-game character model looks anything like Ashley Johnson, unless hair color is the only modifier we look at.

MAJ0R1989d ago

Only the old model looked like Ellen Page, the new one looks nothing like her because they completely changed the face of Ellie.

leogets1989d ago

I cant see they changed her at all. Looks just the same from trailer 1 through to e3 gameplay looks alot like ellen.not a spit but a lot. Cartoonish version shall we say

DarkBlood1989d ago

i still see it as Ellen page, pretty much her face has been imortalized in my mind lol

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