VGRevolution’s Best of E3 2012

VGR: Well E3 has come to an end for 2012 so what better way to end the biggest week of the gaming industry then a quick best of. We saw and played LOTs of games this week and here are our top game’s in no particular order.

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GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

about the wii u...

Yes, now next console generation, i can buy a system that's still stuck in this console generation, and play all of the games i already have, and play all the old recycled ip's that nintendos been using.(mario, mario, mario, ZELDA!, mario, mario, mario, KIRBY!, mario, mario, mario, SOME SMASH BROS CHARACTER'S GAME IT MUST HAVE BEEN A CLASSIC!, mario)in other words, excess mario with dashes of other overrated ip's

honestly, and this is not a fanboy's perspective, i honestly hoped that nintendo would do well, Back in third grade i got a gamecube, my first console aside from the psone, some of my greatest gaming memories were on that console; metroid prime, super smash bros., and after all of that fun, the wii was announced! HOLY CRAP, IT LOOKS AWESOME

not really, but getting back to the point...NINTENDO SSSUUUUUCKS, it used to be the best but now it sucks, and no, zelda isn't the best game of all time, ask someone who has beaten mass effect, uncharted, mgs4, or shadow of the colossus, IT might have been, but now it's another overrated nintendo game.

IT SEEMS TO ME THAT nintendo is just living off of successful n64 games, i was seriously excited this year, sure that nintendo would be innovative, and make games, NEW GAMES!!!, but they're just living off of their past successes.

and yes, this is the second time i've posted this comment, but you know when you write a huge comment just in time for nobody to see it, and it stinks, yep