Why Rainbow 6: Patriots Was A No Show At E3

At E3 2012 we saw many great games, some announced and some unannounced, however one game we didnt see that you would most likely expect to be there was Rainbow 6: Patriots since we have only seen some concept gameplay.

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CoryHG2379d ago

was looking forward to this

ThichQuangDuck2379d ago

I hope to see it soon and when watch dogs first started the background video I thought it was rainbow. Hope it is spring 2013 rather than late 2013 but would make a good next gen launch game as well

BALLARD322379d ago

So was I. I'm hoping they stick to their roots and not dumb it down.

Wikkid6662379d ago

I think Ubi just had too much else going on. Lot's of great games.