The Last of Us - Unnecessarily violent or realistic?

After the presentation of The Last of Us this week, the question comes up, is the game needlessly brutal or realistic?

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Chuk52114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

I think the violence made it tense. I love gears of war, but the violence is clearly exaggerated as Epic has admitted. Last of Us creates violence that is trying to transcend the desensitized nature of videogames, it's working too.

MysticStrummer2114d ago

Reality itself is unnecessarily violent, so the game is realistic.

cstyle2114d ago

realistic but still a bit over hyped IMO.

brettyd2114d ago

I really don't see how some people think this is overly violent. It's just realistic, games make it too easy to kill, and don't treat it as a big deal, this game does.

Vino2114d ago

After watching the gameplay demos during e3 I'm going to wait until the games come out so I don't see anymore spoilers for the last of us, beyond two souls, watch dogs, and assassins creed 3.

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