The Big Three of E3: Glorified Microphones, Pep Talk and Miis Over Function [Default Prime]

"There are a lot of things I asked myself while watching the streams, but the most prevalent one was “Why are these people making games?” Of course, the obvious answer is “because they know how to make money”. And that’s true. It’s why we don’t see SEGA making consoles anymore, but instead have the three current big console manufacturers that use E3 as a steam-powered hype train."

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ApolloAdams2234d ago

In order of who preformed the best out of the big three.

1. Nintendo- First Next Gen gaming console, wasn't even a contest.

2. Microsoft- A narrow win for second but smart glass seems to be the future of interrelation and soon Xbox is poised to take over cable boxes.

3. Sony- Good gaming showing yet no surprises after Beyond. Lack luster Vita showing shows a lack of focus. Very game oriented. Enjoyed it though.

MasFlowKiller2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )


sorry but I think you are wrong.

1. Sony- Because they concentrated on the hardcore gamer(excluding that magic book crap) plus they show Two new franchises in Last of us and Beyond this far into the game, which no other company did this e3. They showed the most first party games and some of the great 3rd party games too

2. Microsoft- enough content for both hardcore gamers with Halo and Gears and some for the Casual gamers with Dance central but still too dependent on Multiplat games. Smart Glass is a cool idea but how many people will use it in game? Will probably end up as a companion app

3. Nintendo - Very bad showing for the WII U(to the point of a fall in their stock), Mario and Pikmin were both expected, too much concentration in casual games alienating the hardcore. Ending show with Nintendo Land, NINTENDO LAND, really

ApolloAdams2234d ago

We are all entitled t our opinions. I respect you disagreeing to be honest.

gaffyh2234d ago

I agree with MasFlowKiller, as do most of the video game journalists on the web. Nintendo failed to convince core gamers on the Wii U, which is why it was the worst of the three.