L4D dev: when given the choice “PC gamers pick a sniper rifle, console players pick up a chainsaw.”

Left 4 Dead developer explains how analytics show that when offered a choice, console players will pick a chainsaw, while PC players favour the sniper rifle.

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user54670072380d ago

Well I would always pick a weapon up, I never understood why they brought melee wepaons to L4D, it made it un realistic in a way. I mean I know it's a video game but the first L4D gave the universe that dark, gloom and doom vibe but then the second one just went completly light hearted where you could bash a massive Tank to death with a Frying Pan...I mean really ¬¬

HebrewHammer2380d ago

Bah! Screw choice. I'll just go with a Chainsaw-Sniper Rifle in Borderlands 2.

BlmThug2380d ago

Im a console gamer and id never pick up the Chainsaw cos its so impractical

Solid_Snake372379d ago

Who the hell would pick a chainsaw in a zombie outbreak? You would be killed in seconds irl.

banjadude2379d ago

Yeah.. I agree Mike. That's one of the reasons why I went back to playing L4D1 so much. I have like 1000+ hours clocked in (mind you, over 2+ years) and something like [only] 100 for L4D2.

Son_Lee2380d ago

Valve is saying that PC gamers are more tactical and console players are more action-oriented.

Why can't someone be both?! I'm a console gamer who likes tactical gameplay AND action gameplay.

koehler832380d ago

They're not 'saying' anything.

They're just summarizing their own analytics.

JsonHenry2380d ago

They are saying that the controls on the PC are more precise. You can afford to pick a sniper rifle on the PC even though accuracy is needed. On a console using a chainsaw that you can just hold in front of you and run around takes a less accuracy.

kneon2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Console controls are plenty precise when you know how to use them. I've been playing a lot of ME3 online and I'll normally get the 20 headshot badge by the 3rd or 4th wave, often even on the second wave. And that's just using a scoped pistol.

They really need to add platinum badges.

cpayne932380d ago

Well a mouse is more accurate than a controller, so its more useful when sniping. Melee weapons wouldn't make much of a difference.

Snookies122380d ago

Well yeah... I mean, the amount of precision you can get with a sniper rifle using a mouse is why PC gamers play FPS games on PC. It's much harder to aim precisely on a control stick, so I'm guessing that's why something like that isn't quite as valuable to console gamers.

girlfrommars2380d ago

Much easier to aim with a mouse than it is with a controller.

Moncole2380d ago

Thats 100% true, I can never use a sniper rifle with a controller.

Honest_gamer2380d ago

weird i find it much easier to aim with a controller than a mouse, it really depends on what one is used to, im used to playing with a controller not a mouse thus its easier for me to pick up a controller and play, i used to play crysis online with a xbox pad and often come top of the game in kills so that tells me that everyone stating mouse is better as a fact is wrong, its an opinion, im better with a controler end of. however a mouse/keyboard is fundamental FUNDAMENTAL for a rts game such as dawn of war (the 1st set of games like dark crusade etc), company of hero's etc

gamernova2380d ago

You maybe a statistical anomaly but for the most part,the difference between mouse and controller is what has stopped cross platform with PC and Xbox. They made studies and in every single one, Xbox players got owned. It is just different hardware.

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