Wii U lead isn't important, contends Sony's Rohde

Sony isn't talking next-gen at this year's E3. Nor is Microsoft. Nintendo's Wii U, however, got its big debut this week, and the console is planned for a holiday 2012 launch. As we learned in the last hardware generation and the generation before that, being the first out of the gate in terms of launching hardware can mean the difference between first and third place. SCEA Senior VP of Product Development and worldwide studios Scott Rohde, however, isn't worried about the potential for Wii U to lead the next hardware generation due to its launch lead.

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frostedjuly2351d ago

Wii U is not important because it is NOT next-gen ... it's just current gen but late !

NYC_Gamer2351d ago

It doesn't matter about place long as the company is making profit

eagle212351d ago

If it's holiday 2014....WiiU will already be 30 to 40 million. It matters people..

D3mons0ul2351d ago

It's isn't Next-Gen, it's a window into the past.

ShaunCameron2351d ago

Typical response from a sore loser.