Cliff hopes Unreal Engine 4 graphics are so good people claim they’re faked

Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski is hoping that a next generation Unreal Engine 4 game will look so good that some people just won’t believe the graphics are genuine.

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Double_Oh_Snap2352d ago

The demo was impressive but I wouldn't claim faked. Be that as it may though, still way better then anything this gen by far.

Boody-Bandit2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

I wasn't really impressed by the "tech demo" from Epic either. LMK when they have a show a "game" being played with their new engine instead of tech demos of what appeared to be a cutscene presentation. We can hear in-game graphics until the cows come home. Until we see it from an actual gameplay perspective? How can we pass judgement.

What I saw was really nice but far from mind blowing or crying foul/fake, since what I was viewing was not actual an actual game being played. Now if you can give us gameplay graphics like that? I will be extremely impressed.

Kur02352d ago

The engine interview/tour on gametrailers was much more impressive than the actual trailer for the engine. You should watch that instead.

dcbronco2352d ago

Gears started out as a tech demo. Long before it was a game. I assume you blew off the Kara tech demo too. Beyond looks amazing. Star Wars 1313 looks nice and is gameplay. Even it developers can't get that day one. A tech demo's quality can eventually be reached in a full game. I wouldn't dismiss it yet.

Boody-Bandit2352d ago

Kuro, good to know. I will check gametrailers out when I get home.

STONEY42352d ago

In the full version of the engine tour, he's walking around the whole area in first person view. He even does some jumping.

EVILDEAD3602352d ago

Kudos Kuro and + bubz..I forgot they were showcasing the engine on that special. Somebody up that link for us lazy


crxss2352d ago

cliff? Who's cliff? You mean cliffyB... It's ok though we forgive you

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solid_si2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

i was not impressed at all, not even one bit. I noticed afew improvements like light, shadow and particles improvements but its not a huge leap and level from what the current generation was from the last.

The devs have been saying next generation graphics will look close to Avatar far all the supposedly next gen games and tech demo they showed at E3 including UE4 looks more like a PS1 graphics compared to Avatar.

Looks like we are not gonna get Avatar like graphics in realtime next gen as the devs have claimed before.
I am very disspointed.

yewles12352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

lol, Sorry Cliff, you're not a Sony developer, so you automatically get too much clout to ever have anyone think you're stuff's fake. XD

Laxman2352d ago

Uh dude, the Unreal engine is used on A LOT of PlayStation games :/

Here's a list, buddy.

yewles12352d ago

*woosh* Right over your head, unfortunately...

mamotte2352d ago

I'm pretty sure they'll be as real as the money needed to buy a machine powerful enough to see it.

Mariusmssj2351d ago

That demo ran on a single 680 which is not $1200

turgore2352d ago

Square Enix's tech demo looked better. Probably even Samaritan looked better.

TheBigShamona2352d ago

The lava really impressed me, the generic art direction didn't help the demo tho.

2352d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.