Grading The Big Three at E3

StickSkills said, "With Microsoft and Sony almost stalling until the next wave of machines make their way to the market, 2012 has been set up as Nintendo’s show to shine. In many ways, this year’s E3 has felt like a stop-gap year for the majority of first and third-party developers, but the industry buzz around Nintendo and its Wii U added some excitement to an otherwise quiet time. With such high expectations for the Mario machine and so little hype behind the HD consoles now getting up there in age, it seemed like there would be a clear standout once the dust settle. Still, the big question must be asked – who won this year’s E3?"

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Rrobba2299d ago


Sony - B+
Nintendo - C+
Microsoft - C-


Ubisoft - A-
EA - C+

PygmelionHunter2299d ago

I would also give Sony a C+ just because I couldn't stand Wonderbook and Jack Tretton.

banjadude2299d ago

... What's wrong with Jack Tretton?

Sanquine902299d ago

Sony B+ ( it would be an A if they did not shown Wonderbook and more vita games)
Nintendo : B- ( Why? I thought that Nintendo would overwhelm us all with the Wii U. The intro was strong with miyamoto and the fantastic pikmin 3.. Then we got a lot of information about connecting friends... Just say our online capabalities have grown. Then a lot of games who all already coming to other consoles or already released Kugh* batman Kugh*

Microsoft: Halo...

WooHooAlex2299d ago

Microsoft - D+
Sony - C+
Nintendo - D-

Jazz41082299d ago

I would give Sony c+, ms c, nintendo c-, ubisoft b-, the big three all had dull moments but showed some big games.

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The story is too old to be commented.