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GRUK: "The first thing that strikes me is how authentic the driving is - Forza Horizon is obviously more than just a pretty face."

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Cuddy2296d ago

I don't understand the point of the game really, Forza 4 you race which makes sense, in this you just drive around? Okay it will look good, but looks mean nothing without a point!

outlawlife2296d ago

It's Forza in an open world, you still race, but you can go anywhere. It is like the Forza version of say a Test Drive Unlimited.

IQUITN4G2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Superb looking game still which is surprising considering the nature of it now. A more open driving experience like that of Test drive coupled with proper driving physics. This make it something else altogether different to Test drive with it's naff car feel

An open road and a car is very relaxing in itself anyway which is half the point here but there is very much a game built around this world as well

BLow2295d ago

Well, they did half the framerate to get those visuals. I bet no one noticed. Where are all the people who claim 60 is so much better than 30. I'm not a Forza fan but the game looks good. Hopefully it turns out great.

FordGTGuy2295d ago

In a racing game like Forza Motorsport 60 fps is pretty important but in a driving game like this, not so much.

IQUITN4G2295d ago

It would be a bloody miracle if they got this running at 60 frames and i don't think many in the know would have predicted this. The trade off is quite acceptable i think and the all important 360 monitoring engine is still there

I think this will in fact sell more as well