There is Another Xbox 360-Inspired Wii U Controller

Kotaku: When I first saw Nintendo's official Xbox 360-ish Pro controller I thought, "You know, I would probably like this better if it featured the same controller layout as the 360 one." Apparently Mad Catz feels the same way. This is the FPSPro, a third party Wii U controller developed completely independently of Nintendo.

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dangert122263d ago

Lets not give all the cred to the xbox the 360 pad looks like a dream cast controller + bumber buttons and 2nd

darthv722263d ago

what matters most is will it be comfortable to hold. Obviously MadCatz holds a license to create 360 controllers and as such they can use their design license to create controllers for other platforms. There is even a 360-ish controller for the ps3.

I prefer the layout of the 360 controller to the ps3 (personal choice) and when i saw the pro controller i thought that nintendo chose the design right. It is a nice comfortable fit in the hands (especially if you have big hands) and all the buttons and the sticks are easy to get to.

Im sure mad catz will sell huge amounts of these over the official ones. Especially to those who like the feel and button layout of the 360.

dangert122263d ago

Lol joking you're right i agree

MaxXAttaxX2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Layout and comfort(shape) are slightly two different things.

360 controller may be more comfortable to HOLD for some, but I find the PlayStation controller is more comfortable to PLAY WITH personally.
Might have to do with the D-pad and buttons just being too awesome or something :P

" all the buttons and the sticks are easy to get to"
And what controller doesn't do that? lol

Septic2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

The 360 controller, in my opinion, is a lot more comfortable to HOLD and PLAY (what a stupid distinction) because of the layout and feel of the analogue buttons, the much more responsive triggers and overall shape. The d pad on the original controllers let it down though unless of course, you have the new version where you can toggle the d pad so it protrudes out.

sikbeta2262d ago

That's a third party controller compatible with both or what? because that right there is an X360 controller with the face buttons well placed unlike the u-pad...

LAZL0-Panaflex2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Theyre both good controllers i like the xbox controller for single player ist and third person shooters but for multiplayer i prefer the ps3 controller for 2 reasons:

Reason 1: alot of people in the xbox community switch the bumbers to the shoot buttons instead of the triggers so they can press the shoot button 3-4 times as fast as the triggers and creates an unfair advantage in a game like call of duty

Reason 2: i prefer the left analog stick on the ps3 controller for sprinting

For fighting games and button mashing games like god of war, or danres inferno, i prefer the size, buttons, and dpad of the ps3.

Racing games: its a tie

Spiderman games feel better with an xbox controller

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jacen1002263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Yea pc's were about long befroe the xbox and i was using this style of control pc gaming before any console came out with this style

MacDonagh2263d ago

Here's what I don't understand. A lot of gamers complained about the WiiRemote not being for the core gamer. When Nintendo then release a pro controller for the core gamer; it's just copying the other pads. LULZ EPIC FAILZ!1

Seriously, what's up with that?


and your point is?

A wii controller that plays a lot like the other guys' controllers is exactly what "core gamers wanted. how is that funny?

MacDonagh2262d ago

Just highlighting the hypocrisy that some folk have just because they dislike Nintendo so much.

dennett3162262d ago

@MacDonagh...what? You say hypocrisy, how do you know it's the same people doing the complaining?
I see this all the time, vague mentions of 'they' used to create an imaginary slight that you can then complain about, as if 'gamers' are all a single hive mind with the same opinion.
And that's excluding the point that mentioning Nintendos controller looks like a 360 pad isn't that big of a deal in the first place, and certainly NOT hypocritical even if it WAS the same person making all the statements you claim. Hypocrisy in your case above would be that person slating Nintendo for abandoning the casuals with the pro controller, not commenting on it's look.

MacDonagh2262d ago

@Dennett316 Instinct. Most gamers look down on Nintendo because of their efforts to expand to a casual audience. It's a popular preconception that Nintendo doesn't cater to the core crowd because of it's babby games and focus on bringing in people who've never had an interest in gaming. Even if Modern Warfare was going to be released for the Wii U, people will still think it's for the casual gimmick machine. Then again, it's not as if either Sony or Microsoft have ever tried to do that with under-cooked peripherals or similar concepts right? ;)

InTheLab2262d ago

I don't think it's Nintendo hate. Certain N fans scream how innovative N is, but when faced with something like this....ITS TEH HATERZ

The only hypocrisy going on here is how much of a big deal a 360 style game pad for the WiiU is while NO ONE had a problem with the PS3 style Controller Pro released for the Wii.

I'm and bummed they went with bumpers and triggers instead of buttons. They just don't work for long term use. It gets uncomfortable after a while.



the 360 controller is by far the most comfortable to hold, but hell...i can hardly play with that thing. ive had multiple controllers over the years that develop unresponsive dpads. also, the face buttons just arent as easy to press as the ps3s. far too brittle and tactile. i dont understand why they didnt just take a few notes from the way sony and nintendo had designed their buttons.

jib2262d ago

take notes for buttons? why would they when no one really complains about it

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