Yoshida: Small games, indies crucial to Vita success

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida says working with smaller independent developers is key to the success of the PlayStation family, particularly when it comes to the Vita handheld.

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Jester_Cap2232d ago

no that isnt true

japan is crucial to vita success

SandWitch2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Agree, Vita needs to receive a lot of JRPGs + couple of MHs and then it will sell sh*tloads of units in Japan alone.

But sure indies can deliver a lot of unique titles that may be a part of console's success. Sony should definitely be indie-friendly and offer them great conditions to produce PlayStation-exclusive titles.

Jester_Cap2232d ago

It selling 6k in japan, is a black eye that they need to rectify

Theo11302232d ago

Japan isn't vital to the success of the vita. Price and games are, and right now they need games. Plus if the download games are cheap, you'll just keep using your system. That's what sony wants, to keep you using your system right not, because once you forget about it, it'll be just like the psp, somewhere in your closet.

2232d ago
Theo11302232d ago

You do realize that the PC and the xbox have managed to thrive without much support from japan. Japan is interested in casual games and portable game on their phones.

2231d ago
Dread2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

o o

they are going to turn the vita into a smarl phone / ipad.

hope they stick to the core though.


good point,

but i feel that Sony and Nintendo should keep doing their thing. there is a marketable audience (us here at n4g) that love the core games.

At they end i understand that they are companies and need to be profitable, but at what cost?

the fact is that this is a very interesting challenge for the gaming industry. Lets see how it plays out.

Here is hoping that the hardcore game survives :)

darthv722232d ago

we could see it as an experiment. They have the smart phone side with the xperia play which offers the gaming on the go the smart phone casual crowd would enjoy. Then you have the more dedicated platform of the vita. It isnt as convenient to carry around as the xperia play but it offers a much more compelling gaming experience.

Tablet/phone (aka mobile) gaming is so huge that I dont think it will shrink anytime soon. You figure for every phone/tablet sold is a potential game player right there. It offers the convenience that dedicated platform just dont have.

If sony is using this time to see how things go then it really would be no surprise if they made a xperia play vita hybrid. Something more convenient to carry with you that also plays the quality sony titles people expect.

Price is really a deciding factor. Games need to be cheaper for people to really buy into them (on phones/tablets). Simplicity is key to really selling in huge numbers.

Worse case would be both sony and nintendo give up on the dedicated portable market and release titles geared towards the mobile market. Then again...that may be a good thing as there are hundreds of millions if not over a billion mobile devices they could sell to right now.

ApolloAdams2232d ago

Well Vita needs cheaper games that don't cost too much that are actually new. Why do I want to buy console ports for $40.

Slash prices bring them in cheaper and offer new experiences and maybe the Vita will sell.

darthv722232d ago

I could really see sony doing something neither the other two are capable of. Actually giving away the vita version of a console game on the same disc.

Vita needs original titles...we all know this. Yet (to me) one of their best features is cross platform play. What better way to entice people to buy a vita than by including a vita version of the game on the same disc as the ps3.

That way people who have the ps3 but not the vita will actually get both. You get a vita and you could then install the game to the vita via the ps3 directly.

For those who dont have a ps3 but still want the game could buy just the vita version for less than the ps3/vita version. There was an opportunity for sony to really expand the digital movie market a few years back. On select bluray movies from sony there was a psp digital copy.

Here is their chance to really propel the vita sales by offering digital vita games on bluray game discs. It is a risky move but one that could really pay off.

Hicken2231d ago

"Why do I want to buy console ports for $40[?]"

Because you can't play the console version on the bus, or in the bathroom, or at the doctor's office?

Let's stop being stupid, shall we? For years, we've wanted console-quality games on a handheld. Now that it's possible, nobody wants to pay the price, and suddenly the ports aren't necessary. It's not even like the ports are bad, or are so different they don't feel right to play.

And they're not even all ports, either. Uncharted and Resistance are brand new titles. Gravity Rush and Unit 13 are new IPs. And ACIII and Call of Duty won't simply be handheld versions of the console titles.

You tell me where else you can play a game like Gravity Rush or Sound Shapes, since you say it lacks "new experiences."

DivineAssault 2232d ago

Vita is fine & doesnt need anything.. Theres plenty of eastern & western games coming & in development. Theres a vast library of PSP classics too.. The memory cards need a price drop if anything..

gamer78042231d ago

Vita needs original quality titles, indie and smaller games can get over-saturated quickly.