Nintendo shares sink for third day running

Nintendo's market value deepened by a further 3.3% today as trading closed in Japan.

The Japanese platform holder's stock started the week off strongly by gaining three percent, bolstered by anticipation of a number of exciting reveals at its E3 2012 press conference. However, Nintendo's conference left investors unsure about the new direction of the company.

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DaThreats2384d ago

They dropped the ball.
Didn't reveal specs, price, or how the console even looks like.
Isn't it coming out this year?

SonyNGP2384d ago

"or how the console even looks like."

It's right there. In the picture. Right behind Reggie. Which was in the conference.

guitarded772383d ago

Yeah, they even made a whole website where you can check it out in black and white.

xCaptainAmazing2383d ago

they didn't even talk about nintendo network! wtf!

2384d ago
LOL_WUT2384d ago

That sucks but it was to be expected after that lackluster show at E3.

live2play2383d ago

it happens everytime
it even happend when they reveald the 3ds at the conference the one everyone kept raving about

it happened when the wii was shown and look how that turned out for them...

it happens eveytime yet people keep fogetting

and it dropped 3.3 PERCENT and they use words like sink, plummeted, crashed, destroyed

colonel1792383d ago

What happened to the times where they used to take their time in the conference to describe the console, show it to people, what it can do, then show trailers from the games, sometimes even gameplay from one or two games?

They now want to be so secretive like if you need to be a level VIP to know these stuff. Then they complain that the consoles don't sell as expected.

This E3 should have started with Nintendo describing the console. What it can do, and show some trailers from future games, even showing how they would work with the Wii U gamepad. Maybe

hen they should have showed the UI for a few minutes describing what will you be able to do when turning the console on. Then maybe a mention of Nintendo's network plans.

Then show Pikmin 3 like they did, then show a little bit of Nintendo Land here, but not too much.

Then finish the last 20 min of the conference with third party games by showing what difference the Wii U gamepad makes with those already released games. Mentioning here the use of the Wii U Pro controller for games that could support in the future for "perfect porting" and then have Reggie come back to stage and say good bye

I think that would have been a much better conference which would have had people understanding the console better, what it does, what is capable of, and what games to expect as well as which games will launch with. Also people would know that playing already released games would be worth to try again with the Wii U gamepad.

At least that's the conference I was expecting from Nintendo. They didn't have to mention price yet, but people would have been much much more excited. Instead people are doubting more that last year, since we know the same or even less than before

live2play2383d ago


nintendo NEVER released the price and date of release ESPECIALLY NOT the specs of the system at e3
they always do it at a later date on their own....

they had an ENTIRE HOUR PRESENTATION the day before e3 on JUST THE WIIU explaining everything.....

BubloZX2383d ago

I feel as though I know as much about the wii u as I did last e3 when they first announced it. We all knew it was gonna do tablet gaming. We knew first party gaming was coming. What we don't know is the price, launch date, and specs. Sure they announced a few games that kind of caught us off guard but for the most part they games they announced was to be expected.

live2play2383d ago

the conference was TERRIBLE
but that IN NO WAY means the console is poor and its games are bad

check the previews on hands on gameplay
everyone says good things about everygame shown
EVEN on nintendoland (which was also poorly shown) they have fun with the games like the donkey kong one

live2play2383d ago

and the console is not their focus ITS THE CONTROLLER
just like the wii from before it THEY FOCUSED ON THE CONTROLLER
they showed what difference the controller makes (granted very poorly presented)

if youre honestly interested read the hands on theres a ton describing how the controller is worked into gameplay especialy in ZOMBIE U
but if youre just trolling then whatever

colonel1792383d ago

They have shown stuff. The most interesting use I have seen is in Rayman Legends, but that was in Ubisoft conference. If the focus is in the controller they should have shown more. There shouldn't have been anything about 3DS since there was another conference for it.

Take in consideration that I am referring only to the conference. I know the Wii U has a lot of potential (which I fear it could only be utilized by Nintendo, so hopefully not), and I am excited what it can do with games such as StarFox, Zelda, Mario, etc.

Other problem is the introduction of the Wii U Pro controller. I have a feeling a lot of developers will be lazy and will just support it instead with the excuse that they wanted all platforms to be "identical"

Nodoze2383d ago

Reggie needs to tone it down a bit. He is a cocky SOB. What we see here is investors knocking his ego down a bit.

Hey Reggie, how about some real info next time. Also Nintendoland looks rubbish (I certainly would not pay for it, and probably would not play it even if it was included).

Welcome to the current gen (only 7 years late to the party).

live2play2383d ago

nintendolamd was presented VERY POORLY
BUT read the previews of people that play the games only 5 of 15 have been shown and people like what they have played so far, esp that donkey kong game

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