Molyneux confused about Wii U

Molyneux doesn't appreciate the two screens and says it is confusing.

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Son_Lee2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Two screens allow for more innovation. But it's fine if it's not what he wants for his games, but he doesn't have to be "confused" by it. Other developers will find ways to take advantage of it.

Dexter902259d ago

Still... I Agree with him... I don't think Wii U is pratical... It just doesn't seems right. I'm still to confused about Wii U. I need to play it first to see exacly how that works.

TheLyonKing2259d ago

Agreed, right now in my head the idea of playing it seems unfamiliar and I probably won't ditch the old controler method, I don't want to point me controller at the screen and guide it to play.

DiRtY2259d ago

I actually agree with you.

I don't like the idea to watch in 2 different (That is the difference between Wii U and DS!) directions. The best controller or remote is the one you are so familiar with that you don't have to look at it to use it. A touchscreen just won't do the trick.

It is like telling my girlfriend what to do when we play Xbox 360, which happens once or twice a year. "Press B!" looks down "where is B?" "The red one" she dies on screen.

Another point is that the console has 3 (!!!) officially supported controllers now. There is the Wii U pad, the pro pad and the Wii Remote. How the hell can a developer come up with gaming ideas without eliminating a big percentage of the market.

The Meerkat2259d ago

I'm still confused about Peter Molyneux.
What do you do with him?
One thing is certain, he found a cure for that 'Midas Touch' he had been afflicted with in the 90's.

RedSoakedSponge2259d ago

i really want the Wii U to be unique when using the touchscreen. but i cant help think that crossplat games are most of the time going to take the easy way out and just have your inventory on there.....

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The story is too old to be commented.