E3 2012: Tech Demo Walkthrough (Cam) Agni's Philosophy

Off screen Square Enix showed a little extra to Agni's Philosophy Tech Demo and here is what was caught.

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PLASTICA-MAN2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

The first time I saw it, Inever doubted it is real-time:

Why wouldn't I believe the opposite? If it was CGI (or what you call pre-rendered), it woul have had 0 faults and mistakes nada niente garnicht, whereas Agni's Philossophy demo has plenty of it, ranging from aliasing to some blurred textures to pixalted shadows and blocky models with not accurate and blocky polygons.
Look here at the old man pic, he has pixalated shadows cast on his shoulders and pixalated teeth textures (especially the missing one):
And here look closely at the mutatnt hyena, the end of its jaw looks blocky and lacks polygons:
If it was pre-rendered FMV CGI (call it what ou want) like the regular non ingame cinematics that Square Enix are famous about, then it would have had none of those errors.

When the game be released on Orbis (probably), they still have plenty of time to polish it.

DaThreats2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

What I want to know was this running on one GPU or more?
is that a yes in a way?


From the video: "it runs on an extremely high-end PC not available on the market".
You get the point.

GamingPerson2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

It is running on off the shelf gpu "available in hardware stores now".

she said they are using similar setups to other pc demos so probably Nvidia Kepler gpu.

xtreampro2356d ago

IT was running on a 6990.

OneAboveAll2356d ago

Don't care until I see someone actually playing the game with these very same graphics on a PC that doesn't cost more than my house.

Rybnik2356d ago

Thank you GT for finally posting this. much better than the partial video that leaked a couple days ago shot with iphone!

A lot of the people with an inside track on the specs of Durango and PS4 seem to think that this essentially will be doable next-gen (in-game quality not just realtime cutscene). I just hope that with this new supposedly more streamlined, easier to use graphics tech will allow the company to focus on GAMEPLAY quality so we have an experience worthy of these incredible graphics!

Spenok2355d ago

Seeing the new engines... IE this Luminus Engine, the Watch Dogs engine, Unreal engine 4, the new star wars 1313 engine. It would make sense that this would be doable on next gen systems.

Sure we don't have any real concrete info on what the new systems will be capable of. However you can bet the developers of the games do. So i'm sure they are tailoring their engines to work with the new systems.

colossi162355d ago

Very impressive, yet I don't believe we are going to get graphics that good on the newer consoles. The demo looks better than a lot of pre rendered videos.