Hideo Kojima repeatedly “forced back” to MGS because of “problems”

In an interview at E3 Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has admitted that MGS2 was meant to be his last game in the series, but problems with others portraying his ideas forced him back into the director’s chair.

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Nate-Dog2378d ago

He also said many times before that MGS2 was supposed to be 'the' last MGS game, not just his last MGS game. And then he said the same thing about MGS3. And then he said the same thing about MGS4. I understand that people often want more but if you expect you're going to make more games there's no need to be such a troll and pretend you're not.

MacDonagh2378d ago

I fear that he can't leave it because the company (Konami) and the fans of MGS won't let him. He's suffering the same fate that happened to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle when he created Sherlock Holmes. Due to public outcry; Doyle couldn't kill off his creation because of how loved his short stories were and I fear it's become a millstone around Kojima's neck which is inhibiting his ability to branch out and form new IPs and/or finish ZOE 3. It's a big shame.

DeadlyFire2378d ago

Well you see what happens when they let them run their own ideas like with MG Rising. Personally I am disappointed in it not being in true MG form, but its what it is and a different direction from the main series. These are the kind of ideas that the team comes up with and personally if I were Kojima I would keep jumping back into directing it as well.

I think he ended the majority of things with the series that he had any problem with them altering or doing with MGS 4. So MGS 5 might be something else, but still hopefully along same kind of lines.

EverydayGuy2378d ago

This we as gamers must push him in the right direction. Let me start first.

H.K I hate MGS make a new game already, we are getting overwhelm with MGS sequels and remakes. Make something new already!

Diver2378d ago

nate you're missing what he said. he wasn't pretending. kojima owns part of the mg ip but not all. hes saying he had to come back he didn't like other peeps messin with his creation. they were going to make a mg game without him an he didn't like where they were going. he had to keep intervening.

malol2377d ago

because he works for Konami
and they dont want to take a risk with a new franchise
So they make him make more MGS

zeeshan2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

To be honest, no MGS is better the new upcoming lightening bold action title :s I'd rather have good memories of MGS series then to see it go down Resident Evil or FF lane.

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god_o_war2378d ago


have you played ZOE?

orange-skittle2378d ago

He's always saying he's working on something new, but you never see it. The guy hasn't made anything new in years. I mean YEEAAARRRS. I don't want to hear about MG anymore at all unless Snake turns into the badass they made Sam Fisher into(minus the new voice over). Sam is still stealth, but they gave him that Jason Bourne feel. His hand to hand is what was missing from the beginning. I loved the old MGS games, but we have graduated from that just like we did from pacman.

Campy da Camper2377d ago

The last splinter cell game was an abortion. All the new elements and ones they took out made it an abomination of a game.

SnakeforPresident2377d ago

Make MG more like the new Splinter Cell lol at least try and sound like your not brain dead.

Moby-Royale2377d ago

Well it's a pretty big pony....


ShinMaster2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )






Splinter Cell: Blacklist TROLLOLOLOLOL

orange-skittle2377d ago

@Campy-SC:Conviction was terrible, but the new Black List looks like they found their way again. They've mixed what was good about the last and included what was good about the older ones. The series needed to evolve you'd hear "more of the same" from the same people that disagreed with me.

@Snake-Obviously you're a damn fanboy, so there's not much you can say to ppl like you. Snake had no CQC skills outside of cutscenes. A karate chop to the head or side kick to the lower leg does not knock people out.

Seeing a spy get in trouble and using his training in Krav Maga or any other MMA(which they teach now) is what the series needs. I don't want to play on my belly for 10hrs. Spies don't always operate in the shadows. You're confusing them with ninjas. Spies blend in and get the job done by any means necessary whether they kill or not. No one said it had to be stealthy even though you prefer to be undetected. James Bond was a spy and he was in the mix when he had to be, so what is your point? I love the new direction of Splinter Cell. They gave him some Assassins Creed walk climbing skills with Krav Maga training mixed with the gadgets he's used to having. Bring it on. This is what the Next Gen Snake should be like.

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Les-Grossman2378d ago

He says this after almost every game. Shut up or stop whining Hideo

knifefight2378d ago

Naw man, I know what it's like being a genius and seeing other people ruin your stuff.

It hurts, man.

tacosRcool2377d ago

Like the newest "Metal Gear" game :-(

Jio2378d ago

Please, tell me more about the video game industry. Clearly you are a famous producer, and can relate.

Kurylo3d2378d ago

i really doubt u need to be a famous producer to bad mouth a famous producer. Espeacially when the thing hes bad mouthing hideo on has nothing at all to do with producing and more to do with hideos pride over his creation..

lategamer2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

The last time he tried to stop making a MGS game fans sent him death threats. How about the fans stop being such pricks?

LarVanian2378d ago

Is he still getting death threats? I really hope not!
But even with whatever problems he is going through, he still manages to bring out top quality games.

PirateThom2378d ago

I love the series, but I would rather it ended rather than Kojima feeling he has to make them.

I want a new Snatcher or a new IP from the man.

MrBuffalo2378d ago

Snatcher, was that for the PC engine, MSX, FM towns or some other machine we never got in europe? never played it but remember looking at it longingly in magazines back in the early nineties. Would love to get in on it. That was a time when all the best and exotic console games were imports.

PirateThom2378d ago

Europe did get it, it was on Sega CD.

MrBuffalo2378d ago

Bloody hell I missed that one. I'll put it down to me being a skint child at the time and not being able to buy many games as the reason I let that one pass by.

Tdmd2378d ago

If it where up to me, as unpratical as it may be, metal gear would never end. Although I must admit I really would like to see what else could Kojima cook.

MrMister2377d ago

Yeah he should make an alternative MGS game that still has stealth, yet is less dependant on the main cannon's storyline. This way he can end the official cannon story, but the series can still live on (gameplay wise) via a spin-off that STILL utilizes STEALTH gameplay of the MGS series. Perhaps side missions/stories of MSF soldiers from Big Bosses camp. They could have games with them in it, based on the same gameplay, but not on the cannon story line.

Or another idea, is to allow us to make our own single player/co-op levels and stages (like in Infamous 2) and share them online--for unlimited stealth games, so we get unlimited maps for MGS gameplay fun, without the need for Kojima to keep extending the actual storyline.

Tdmd2377d ago

I really like your first idea! :)

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