Wii U is 'tremendously powerful', says Nintendo. Questions need for competitive platforms

The Wii U is a "tremendously powerful system", Nintendo of America's president Reggie Fils-Aime has claimed, before questioning "the role" of competitive platforms.

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Shok2231d ago

I don't expect the Wii U to be ultra powerful compared to this gen, but for a system to be able to have a 720p image on the TV, and 2 480p images on the controllers at the same time shows that the hardware is totally competent.

dark-hollow2231d ago

To me, I can't wait to see how the next Zelda or any major Nintendo game built from the ground up would look like on the Wii u.

there is something that people really don't give Nintendo any credit for and that's how they are able to maximize their hardware to produce really beautiful games.

look at Mario galaxy and skyward sword, absolutely gorgeous for a game that is running on outdated hardware.

look at wind waker, it still looks very stunning even to this day.

pikmin 3 don't really do the system's justice since its originally a Wii game but the development moved to the Wii u later on.

wait for the next Zelda, super smash bros or even retro's new game if you want to see how capable the Wii u is.

Gaetano2231d ago

Those games look good, but would have looked infinitely better in HD. Nintendo makes very crisp, beautiful games, but we've had to wait 6 extra years than 360 and PS3 fans for exclusives in HD. Every gamer has has to wait far too long to Mario and Link in HD.

Spydiggity2231d ago

of course a company that makes low-res side scrollers with no detail in the textures is going to think the wii U is "powerful."

BattleAxe2230d ago

Nintendo sure knows how to sell their product.......hahahaha

decrypt2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Why are console gamers suddenly all about power. Didnt they say its about gameplay not graphics.. oh wait thats what they say when 500usd PCs are thrown into the mix.

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alousow2231d ago

dont worry will be a new mario game each month for u nintendo fans.

Computersaysno2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Thats what made me laugh about Reggie's comment, questioning the attractiveness of their rivals.

"I think in the end, the consumer choice is going to be... Once I buy my Wii U, that satisfies my Nintendo cravings and my cravings for all of these other great multi-platform franchises, then what is the role of a competitive platform? It's going to have to live on the backs of some sort of unique proposition, or unique content."

So what he is saying, is that WiiU is going to be the platform everyone is going to buy and be satisfed with for multi platform games thus eliminating the need for rival systems.

What a load of nonsense.

In fact for the million upon millions of people that ALREADY own PS3s and 360s who ALREADY have access to those multiplatform titles with similar visuals, the million dollar question is why on earth should they drop a lot more money on buying a WiiU to play those games they already have access to?

That is the question Nintendo has to answer. Reggie speaking utter BS. The onus is clearly on Nintendo to deliver a unique proposition to beat PS3 and 360 and entice that market away, because they have been around so long already doing the multiplatforms.

hellztourguide4202231d ago

Because ps3 and 360 (i own both) dont have the nintendo exclusives. Im going to buy a wiiu just for those exclusives, but while im at it i might as well buy the multi platform games for the wiiu as well, seeing as the games should look better and use the screen to clean up the hud if nothing else makes sense to me.

DigitalAnalog2231d ago

But even if they did have 480p steamed onto the device, most of it is just a map menu or some other interface. I really don't see how that will penalize the GPU in an extreme degree. I mean, the XMB is 1080p 60FPS, so is that going to be a problem for the graphics if the PS3 would natively render that on a tablet controller?

SilentNegotiator2231d ago

Except they showed videos of using the controller to aim a sniper in the zombie game, and the footage of the controller was showing fully realized 3D everything, while the TV screen didn't change.
0:50 - Clearly the controller screen will require some significant processing when using features like this.

But of course, not ALL games will use the controller for those sorts of things, but the ones that take advantage of WiiU's features beyond being a weapons menu will have to be held somewhat back graphical for it.

mamotte2231d ago

Oh, you missed the E3.

ChickeyCantor2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

I really don't care for console power anymore.
I have a decent pc and play loads of games on it.
All I want from Nintendo is to make their games take advantage of their console.

Metroid and F-zero NEED to do this.
All their games need this, and they will. Their E3 was a slap in the face though.

shackdaddy2231d ago


If you really care so much about graphics then just buy a PC. I always laugh when console gamers complain/brag about graphics.

I'm not getting the wiiu for the graphics. I mean, I already have a PC that can easily play games at the highest settings in 1080...

renegade2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

i agree.

If you getting a console with the idea for graphics, pc is the optimal winner and is also my selection for multi platform games that is on pc so pick the better one. Just like skyrim is better on pc because community adds,mods etc.

I have my consoles for the games that are not available on the pc..

crazytechfanatic2231d ago

Don't forget, it has 1080p too!

SilentNegotiator2231d ago

It "supports" 1080p. So does the PS3 and Xbox 360.

But Nintendo has dodged the NATIVE 1080p question over and over.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2231d ago

If it can pull off Native 1080p (not upscaled 1080p) while streaming 480p to the controller, then it surpasses your "well said" statement.

dubal-e2231d ago

Preach on brotha, I dont think they heard you.

Gamer19822230d ago

"and 2 480p images on the controllers at the same time"
That shows the controllers have decent hardware not really much to do with the console. It also means the controller price will be expensive.

MrMister2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Lol I wouldn't put much stock in what Nintendo consider's to be "Tremendously powerful".

All I saw at E3 were a bunch of games that looked like the current Wii, but in HD. Even Assassin's Creed 3 and Batman Arkham Armored (whatever it's called) looked like they had some messed up textures, jaggies, slightly blocky (probably due to less polygons) and the lighting effects/shadows were not as impressive as even current gen). MAYBE those games were just still drastically incomplete, BUT they are suppose to come out very soon--and if they still look like that, then i'm not convinced of the Wii-u's "tremendous" power, at least not by Nintendo's understanding of it. I think they abandoned whatever tech they used in E3 2011, for a weaker tech. Could explain why developers went from saying it was very powerful, to later saying it was just about par or less even.

P.S. also, the footage shown of Mass Effect looked like an old trailer for ME3, so i don't know if that was even running on the Wii-U's tech. Who the heck knows...

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Nutsack2231d ago

If its oh so powerful, how come you didn't reveal those PS3 and 360 beating specs yet Nintendo?

E3 would have been the perfect place to show those high end specs, instead you chose not to give a full spec list.

I can only think about one reason. The specs aren't that great, and you're hiding them as long as possible. Because E3 was the chance to give a massive beating to PS3/360 and show the hardcore gamers they should get a WiiU.

There is no other reason than that, with less than a half year to go till launch. And seeing that the first party games you showed looked just like Wii games, and the 3rd party ports of Batman, Mass Effect etc didn't look any better than their PS3/360 counterparts, its more likely that the WiiU is just on par with current gen.

Real next gen starts in 2013, with the Xbox 8 and PSOrbis reveiled at E3 2013, the WiiU to be pushed in the same position the Wii is this gen. Getting washed down ports as it can't reach the gens power of the competitors.

I guess Wiiboys enjoy the New Super Mario Bros U that looks just like the Wii game, with some tablet control added. Or the Wiifit with the same shameful badly looking graphics.

So Nintendo, stop being scared for forums to slaughter the specs of the WiiU, you gotta release them at one moment...

Shok2231d ago

"If its oh so powerful, how come you didn't reveal those PS3 and 360 beating specs yet Nintendo?"

Nintendo has never really revealed the specs for their hardware. The GameCube was more powerful than the PS2, yet even then, they didn't reveal the specs.

Don't know why people are expecting this with Wii U, when Nintendo has never done this.

Nutsack2231d ago

Ehm, because we live in a different time than 12 years ago when Gamecube released?

So because they didn't release specs back then, one shouldn't expect this more than a decade later if they claim they have the most powerful console and want to get in the hardcore gamers in?

Your comment makes no sense. We should be fine with Nintendo claiming something that might not be true?

Besides that, Gamecube was just maybe slightly more powerful than the PS2, although the Emotion Engine was just a hard to program piece of hardware. Much like how the PS3 pushes out great stuff if they know how to tap that power.

I haven't seen a game like God of War 2 on the Gamecube really... Besides that, this time its a different situation totally. Previous gens Nintendo released their systems all pretty much at the start of a new gen, about together with Sony (and MS since XBOX). This WiiU is an in between console. Within the current gen they upgraded to the power of current gen. They need to reclaim marketshare in the hardcore gamers market where they lost that with the Wii, while they gained a big casual market.

So if you have this hardcore market to win for your machine, you can't hold onto your old ways of not giving specs, certainly not after the core got turned down by the weak supercharged Gamecube aka Wii that had 480p output and disappointed a lot in every way.

One tip: don't believe companies marketing lines like this one is 'tremendously powerful'...

SuperLupe2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

"I haven't seen a game like God of War 2 on the Gamecube really"

Resident Evil 4 and even Resident evil Remake looked better than anything on the PS2.

Just compare Resident evil 4 on PS2 and Gamecube and you'll see which console is more powerful.

Machioto2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

@super r4 was ports resident evil out break is a better example of what can be achieved with ps2.

Timmer2231d ago


Resident Evil 4 was not a port. It was a Gamecube exclusive until Capcom ported it to the PS2, which in turn became the lesser version.

hellztourguide4202231d ago

Hey! Ive got a great idea....WHO THE HELL CARES? If graphics are what you care about, buy a pc. I buy nintendo cuz i like zelda and mario and everything else. I like Nintendo BECAUSE they are different. I like Xbox cuz i like Halo and GOW. I like PS3 because i like uncharted, LBP, Infamous...etc. Im a GAMER! I like ALL games. If you dont, then stfu and gtfo.

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DeadlyFire2231d ago

The graphics alone of ZombiU showcase something that is far beyond PS3/X360. Just wait until someone dissects the first WiiU they get their hands on.

I personally think they question their own decision on the amount of RAM with final specs. So they might bump it up before launch.

Still as expected Nintendo doesn't announce specs at all. It would be nice to see them say something about them. Other than its extremely powerful. Compared to the Wii any system they make afterwards is extremely powerful.

Hicken2231d ago

So you're saying ZombiU looked better than The Last of Us, Beyond, and Halo 4?

Pardon me while I laugh out loud.

kikizoo2231d ago

like hicken, i laugh....are you blind deadlyfire ? (zombie is not even on par with best ps3 games)

"Resident Evil 4 and even Resident evil Remake looked better than anything on the PS2."

yeah, a little better, but don't forget the most important thing : gamecube came a long time after ps2 ! (even if wiiu show in the future that it can be more powerfull than ps3, you'lll never forget that the console came 6 years after)

wirapuru2231d ago

that including the rendered Hands+Gamepad or not? Because, you know, for some reason *cough* they could not use a real pad and gamer.

konnerbllb2230d ago

I'll be buying a WiiU to play ZombieU, I like the concept and gameplay looks intriguing. However it looks like the worst of this gen.

I would compare ZombiU's graphics to COD2 on xbox 360 when it launched. It's just not there yet, give it a few years and devs will be able to get more out of the hardware like always.

Nonetheless I'm in it for the gameplay! Can't wait to play it.

DeadlyFire2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Come on guys you know its Nintendo we are talking about here.

Doesn't look that bad compared to Left 4 Dead on Source engine. I think PC graphics for L4D 1/2 vs. ZombieU would make a great comparison.

There are claims it can run Unreal Engine 3 and CryEngine 3. Whether that means we see PC level of detail with those two engines idk. The unknown is if developing things that utilize WiiU controller degrade graphics overall quality. The word is yes when I see article stating that using 2 WiiU controllers drops framerate to 30 fps. Say there are games built entirely without WiiU gamepad and only accessible with Wii controller/Wii U pro type controllers. Would they see a full 720 or even 1080 game on the big screen at 60 fps on the hardware? If it runs these engines I would assume its possible at least at 720. Well my hope anyway.

Now as well as Unreal Engine 4. Since it will be scaleable to reach out to even Ipads and things like that.

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2231d ago
Godmars2902231d ago

Are they trying to substitute "innovation" for "competition"? Because between the DS to the Wii and now WiiU it looks like they've tried to use innovation, or what I like to call "gimmicks", as ways to make up for comparative lower system specs to their - for a lack of a better word - competition.

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homer2231d ago

Why would you call them gimmicks? I think the sales prove they are far from gimmicks. Even the sales of the competitors motion controllers prove they aren't gimmicks. Even the Move sold pretty well even though it lacked a good game that took full advantage of it. As for the DS, didn't sony release a dual screen tablet not that long ago lol?

Godmars2902231d ago

I call it a gimmick because, 1) the Wiimote doesn't work with every game offered on the system and 2) its just not selling as much as it was. The system has the numbers to say its #1, but currently monthly numbers are only crashing. Not to mention the ever present argument of only a few high-profile 1st party games actually selling.

The Move and Kinect are just the same. The only difference being is that where Sony's trying to give reason for people to buy their MC rip, MS is forcing their's down people's throats. Making the the 360 ever more reliant on the Kinect with each update.

Regardless, the whole mess is nothing corporate competition.

Devinchi332231d ago

Consoles don't NEED better specs though. If specs are your thing, get a PC. What consoles need is to do use "gimmicks", or what I like to call, "innovation". I can't get a second screen experience on any other console like I can on a Wii U. I can't get full attention to fantastic motion control like I got on the Wii with Skyward Sword. And, although it can't stand alone in core gaming, I can't get a Kinect experience anywhere but on an Xbox 360.

If the only thing new we get from the other next gen consoles is better specs, then the only reason to choose the NextBox or PS4 is if you're willing to sacrifice the better specs and superior control of the PC for the console exclusive games. Since the Wii U has more than just pretty specs, Im gonna get one.