Gamesradar | Beyond: Two Souls preview - Quantic Dream's next adventure is beyond what we expected

One of the biggest surprises out of E3 2012 was Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls. Revealed at the Sony press conference, the Heavy Rain developer's next title looked amazing, and featured some of the best visuals of the generation. The addition of actress Ellen Page playing protagonist Jodie Holmes got us excited, and proved that the developer had learned from some of their last game's mistakes. Or, at least the ones that involved casting actors who can't fake an American accent.

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ApolloAdams2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Snoozefest. I don't want quick time events for the entire game. Heavy Rain was painful to get through.

It looks like a bad movie.

The future of gaming.. right here. Games you don't play, they play themselves.

But we'll see how it goes I'll rent it I guess.

morganfell2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Such a snoozefest you had to be the first to comment? Jealous much?

Your comment history shows an amalgam of Sony attacks and Nintendo worship. With all of those adult exclusive titles the WiiU has lined up how do you even have time to comment on Sony?

Oh wait...

Here, you've been served.


No, that isn't the case at all. You attacked a game about which it is patently clear you know nothing.

You are wrong. But how do you react? Instead of saying, "Wow, I hadn't seen that article" you immediately remove the focus concerning your error and you shift the conversation to it being a matter about your integrity and honesty. Hardy har har.

Stick to the facts of your initial comment.

You jumped on Beyond because it wasn't a Nintendo title and were soundly and justly swatted in mid-air. Your comment history is a detailed look at who you are and none of it demonstrates any of what you defensively now claim.

ApolloAdams2383d ago

So because I didn't agree with what you think I am jealous?

And you are attacking me because?

I pointed out flaws of a game? Is it really that serious my friend. Just wondering,

I enjoy all games from all spectrum. I will comment first and often about the games I think are crap and some I think that are good.

I don't understand N4G community and their loyalty to these companies.

Virtual_Reality2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

No one is forcing you to play the game.

Simple as that.

D3mons0ul2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

"I don't understand"

Yes you do; you know exactly what you are doing and everybody can see it clear as day in your comment history. Stop playing the victim when you get called out on your douchebaggery.

Oh look, another comment that contradicts how you are attempting to conduct yourself...
----------------------------- --------

"Console gamers are really some dumbed down audience and I find it funny actually.

Microsoft is the best company of the big three by a large margin lets get that out the way.

Consoles do more than gaming and at this point in the console generation you push more sales by marketing as a media device and not for gaming.

I expect 360 to stay and be 100 set top box with Kinect when Xbox 8 comes."
----------------------------- --------

I didn't even have to dig that far, you posted that today. Bad short term memory? Multiple personalities? I'm sure that fanboyish comment wasn't left by you, right? It was the other man who lives inside of your head...

Let's go over that post again....

"Microsoft is the best company of the big three by a large margin lets get that out the way."

"let's get that out of the way"


"large margin"

Like this margin?

That margin right there? Is that the margin of which you speak?

Doesn't look very LARGE to me but maybe my eyes are fucked up man, I just don't know...

TheKindRoost2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Games like The last of Us and Beyond are direct challenge to MS and Nintendo. Unlike Nintendo they are not afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone( relying on the same IPs for decades) and trying new things. And unlike MS,they will not compromise genuine experience/quality for the mass.

andibandit2383d ago

You forgot to mention

Wonderbook - Book of Spells