Sony Won the E3 2012 Hands Down

Was Sony the King of E3?

Sony stated that a lot will be talked about who won the E3, well that’s exactly what we are going to find out here. Sony not even won the E3 but has proclaimed my hard earned cash with it.

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Hovis2357d ago

They had bad bits, they had good bits, just like everyone else at E3.

Overall yeah, maybe out of the big 3 they won but not by much.

iamnsuperman2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

It says a lot of what E3 has become. I do not know why but lately E3 (not just limited to the Big 3) has become a really big disappointment year after year because more is focused on talking up the brand and random PR stunts that have very little relevance to gaming

I personally do not/have never cared who "wins" E3

Hovis2357d ago

It's exciting but yeah E3 as a whole (mostly the conferences) are pretty disappointing. Mainly because they like to focus on things that the internet community (the only ones watching) care about.

Anyway I also don't really care who wins because I have all the consoles (except Vita) so whoever wins, I win.

fermcr2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Oh boy, here we go again...


DigitalRaptor2357d ago

Nobody "won", but Ubisoft had the best showing.

Sony were next to follow them.

solidjun52357d ago

That's not really saying much. All 3 was blah. Sony won on the hardware front but they spent too much time on wonder book. -___-
MS didn't show much and focused too much on kinect. Halo 4 looked but should have ended the conference with that game instead of Black Ops 2. I thought Nintendo was going to take it since it's a new hardware but I don't think it blew people away. Lots of cool concept but to me and a lot of gamers, it was meh.

Software: Yea, that's Ubisoft. EA also had a good showing IMO.

Jazz41082357d ago

People who say MS focused to much on Kinect must have missed the conference as one of the things all the big web sites are saying is they were very surprised how little Kinect was brought up.

solidjun52357d ago I saw it. A lot of kinect. I'm not all the big web site.

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