IGN | Nintendo President on Wii U, 3DS, 3rd Party Support & More E3 2012

E3 2012: Nintendo: Wii U launch price will 'pleasantly surprise' people, while US boss says console will "launch at a price that's going to represent ongoing great value".

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morkendo232380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

could go 199-250.00
with line-up SNES titles.

CLOUD19832380d ago

Completely stupid way of thinking.. Mario/Zelda + Multiplatforms r not enough to attract hardcore gamers, MP games can be played on PS3/360 or even on a PC no1 is going to buy a Wii U to play MP games and I am sure that hardcore gamers dont care a bit about Mario/Zelda, what Nintendo miss is mature exclusive titles the exclusives r what make some1 to buy a console not the MP when they get that and decide to invest on some new exclusive IPs then maybe some other, other than Nintendo fans will buy their new console.

Lucretia2380d ago

nintendo hasnt had third party support since the snes, its why i rarely use their consoles. Maybe one day when they get it i will play their consoles more

CLOUD19832380d ago

So what r u saying that most ppl thinking like u? Wii U supposed to be made for more hardcore audience than Wii, and we all know what console all those hardcore gamers use PS3 or 360, can u tell me a valid reason for those ppl to own a Wii U? seriously what's the point to buy a Wii U when the MP support Wii U will get will be more or less the same with PS3 & 360? for Mario & Zelda? did any PS3/360 owner care for those games at the first place?

I dont think so, 360 have Halo & Gears and a few other exclusives games especially made with hardcore gamers in mind, PS3 have the most 1st party studios from all of them and they make 1 triple-A game after another for all tastes.

When Nintendo decide to invest on some mature exclusive games with hardcore gamers in mind like SONY & M$ do only then some ppl other than Nintendo fans will start to care, atm it's one of the same nothing is going to change.

Lucretia2380d ago

oh man, im not disagreeing with you at all.

your completely right. there is absolutely no reason to own a wii-u if all they offer exclusivily is mario and link.

its the same way i feel about the 360 for the past 3 years. i feel like i wasted my money because all that is released is halo, forza, fable and gears so its useless now since it has no more exclusives.

i feel the same way about wii-u except i dont have to make the mistake of buying it like i did with the 360.

Hopefully they will try to make new ip's but im doubting it. from e3 we had like 8 mario oriented titles announced. that basically sealed the deal and my wallet from nintendo