Watch Dogs gets official 2013 release date

Watch Dogs Twitter channel confirms 2013 launch for hi-tech assassin game.

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TLG19912228d ago

early hopefully, to get all this hype over with then the disappointment and criticism can start to flow.

im looking forward to it as much as the next person but its not going to be what people are hyping it to be trust me on this one!

and here come the disagrees lol

WeskerChildReborned2228d ago

Well you claim it will be a disapointment but i doubt it. It look's good.

TLG19912228d ago

nope, thats not what i said AT ALL i said people will be disappointed and i followed by saying i think the game looks awesome and will be amazing.

but my point is people are thinking it is this free open world you can do anything next gen game which its not, it was a scripted demo and that part was shown to make people go wow and give the impression of mass freedom. all i am saying is dont get to excited we all know what happens when we get to excited and its not what it seems which happen alot to most people!

BlmThug2228d ago

You sir fail at life, hell you cant even be called 'sir' you deserve to be called ' the local idiot'

TLG19912228d ago

nice argument, read above and stop jumping to conclusions!

MysticStrummer2228d ago

Based on what was shown, I agree with you. We saw no gameplay in that video that can't be done with current hardware. Visually it was very nice. Gameplay wise it was nothing special at all. People's imaginations will run away with them for awhile, then they'll most likely be brought back to earth. I say most likely because we could still find out more about the game and be truly blown away, but as of now it's just nice looking.

Psychotica2228d ago

Probably for November 2013 time frame.

floetry1012228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Nothing is really blowing me away for this end of year release schedule. Assassin's Creed 3 is probably the given, and maybe Resident Evil 6, but nothing gets me pumped like Watch Dogs, Bioshock Infinite and Last of Us for 2013.

bahabeast2228d ago

ac3 is easily the game 2 look out for this year, i mean it look alot better than all other ac games.

neoandrew2228d ago

So where is the date, not year?

DeadlyFire2228d ago

Next gen launch title for PS4, X720, and might come to WiiU. PC can already handle this. So I am thinking whenever they are launching in 2013. Most likely September-November window.

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The story is too old to be commented.