WWE '13 Gameplay Demo With Sheamus From E3 2012

In this WWE '13 Gameplay Demo with Sheamus from E3 2012, the wrestling superstar takes over the stage from Kevin Pereira and Blair Herter with his unabashed enthusiasm for the latest edition of this popular series.

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Thabass2109d ago Show
123_3212109d ago

I can't wait for *gets kicked in the face*

LoneWanderer092109d ago

Revolution!!! hopefully THQ keeps keeps their word and this game is different from '12

123_3212109d ago

*kicks GamerRKO2010 in the face*

Fatty2109d ago

I'm excited about this game... fella.

123_3212109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

*kicks Fatty in the face*

Enmson2109d ago

Can't wait to see the game play at summer slam.

@GreenRanger you can't kick my face :P

Fatty2108d ago

*runs in and pre-emptively hits GreenRanger with a chair*