E3 2012: Metro: Last Light Preview (Xbox 360)

Lisa at El33tonline writes:

"Earlier today we got the chance to see Metro: Last Light at a gameplay demonstration at E3. Mark Madsen, the global brand manager for Last Light, was excited to show us more of the game since it’s been a year since anything new has been shown to the media.

Madsen is confident that Last Light will be a superior experience, and said he believes the developer’s confidence is being equally matched by THQ’s marketing effort. He highlighted the live-action short film that was recently released as an example of this effort (you can watch the film over here), explaining how it really sets the stage for the world and the story that they want to tell us in a very big way, as well as being their bid to combat shooter fatigue."

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crazytechfanatic2380d ago

The first game was scary man!

OliverKO2380d ago

It certainly was! Metro: Last Light looks to take 2033's creep factor to a whole new level - maybe even ten! It's incredible, really looking forward to it.