E3 2012: Watch Dogs Exclusive: “Game of the Show” makes everyone paranoid


"Amongst all the sequels, rehashes and reboots, Watch Dogs is simply flawless, from the beginning of its 9 minute gameplay demo.

When you’ve got Hideo Kojima, Tim Schafer and Whil Weaton all taking time out of their day to pop over to Ubisoft to see the game in person you know you have something amazing."

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gaminoz2017d ago

It sure makes me wonder about all this interconnected technology!

I'm starting to feel like Bill Adama and want to disconnect all my tech! Then I think of my iPad, PSN, Xbox Live...sigh. I'm doomed.

NewMonday2017d ago

my gut tells me this was planned as the modern era AC with Desmond, but they decided to spin it off as a new franchise.

Psychotica2017d ago

Yeah that's a good thought, you are probably right

NewMonday2017d ago

a shadowy group of vigilantes assassinating a shadowy group of powerful people.

and the user interface is like a tweaked version from AC

Nimblest-Assassin2017d ago

This game looks bloody brilliant... it deserves the attention... and a few best of shows

So far Ign-Tomb Raider
Destructoid- TLOU
Future Publications- Ac3

Watch Dogs needs some love

BadCircuit2017d ago

It certainly looks more original than Tomb Raider, more involved than The Last of Us, and a modern AC with more shooting.

I agree all those titles are amazing but this one has the most interesting potential.

Mind you I like the look of the other 3 better...Chicago is a bit dreary. Do we really need another US city? This guy could hack anywhere in the world!

At least it isn't New York again!

extermin8or2017d ago

@bad circuit I wish they'd done somewhere like london :p it's a big city with iconic things and is rarely done in viseo games, at least not open world ones; I also think somewhere like Paris would be an interesting one open world; or hell dubai- for mordern day AC think dubia could be really interesting as far as the freerunning goes; victorian london would fit AC better i tihnk :p but still Watch Dogs is on my must buy day one list if it really plays how they've showed it :p

BadCircuit2017d ago

This game looks absolutely amazing: it borrows from the best in the business but still comes back with a unique feel and gameplay ideas.

How the hell did they keep this secret?

Definite buy by the looks of it.

crazytechfanatic2017d ago

Stunning. We may well be looking at a next-gen game.

gaminoz2017d ago

I think it's still supposed to be this gen, but you never know. The Star Wars one I'm pretty sure will be next gen.

extermin8or2017d ago

They are adamant that it's a ps3/360 game but refuse to comment on next gen console ports; personally I think it's a next gen game and they are lying same goes for the starwars 1313

crazytechfanatic2017d ago

yeah, the graphical quality seems impossible for current generation consoles. Because if it was possible, then who would make / who would buy next gen consoles?

extermin8or2017d ago

and apparently they will have pretty much every building as being enter able :O

crazytechfanatic2017d ago

Star Wars was like CG real-time. I was crapping all over!

gaminoz2017d ago

I know this is off topic, but those lasers! Awesome!

BadCircuit2017d ago

I think IGN said it looks like a deeper GTA.

I'm game. GTA is getting a bit tired now.

gaminoz2017d ago

It's the only game to look even close to doing something GTA-ish, but better.

But GTA is more about cars and such. We haven't seen any driving yet in Watch Dogs

Whitefeather2017d ago

I guess you didn't watch all of the gameplay then as he gets into a car and drives off.

BinCs2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Actually we have seen driving in watch_dogs.
Skip to 9:00

gaminoz2017d ago

I stand corrected: This is GTA + : much more involved gameplay, with the better elements of GTA.


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