Dead Space 3 E3 2012 Preview + Video Interview [Player Attack]

Player Attack: Action horror fans drooled just prior to E3 when it was announced that Visceral was working on a third instalment in the Dead Space franchise. Dead Space 3 looks like it will shift yet further away from its survival horror pedigree (though not according to a press release), but it offers enough innovation that we won’t feel that we are just playing the same game over again.
Just days after its big reveal, we had the opportunity to speak with Ellana Fortuna from developers Visceral Games, who filled in a little of just what's in store with the third coming of Isaac Clarke.

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Scarfy2351d ago

Hmm, this series is starting to become unrecognizable from the survival horror I experienced in the first game. Dead Space 1 was genuinely one of the most freaky and atmospheric games I had played in years.

I guess they ended up setting the bar too high. Oh well.