Best and Worst of E3 2012 as chosen by Capsule Computers

Capsule Computers writes:

"E3 2012 has certainly been one to remember and as such we here at Capsule Computers thought it productive to compile our opinions on the Best and Worst things that this years event had to offer. So without further adieu here is our Best and Worst of E3 2012."

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dotarray2379d ago

Wow guys, seriously? A dude "won" E3 just because of his "hands-on" time with booth babes?

Godmars2902379d ago

Meh. Tells you how meaningless E3 has really become. Pity that companies use to and likely still use it as a scheduling mark to get games out. To show them before they're ready and rush them to market before they're finished.

futurefrog2379d ago Show
futurefrog2379d ago

Best game of E3 is definitely Pokemin 3 thank ya nintenders

masterabbott2379d ago

Best Games were, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed III and also PSVITA version. Also Zombie U was actually very well designed.