Peter Molyneux is a misunderstood creative genius

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Peter Molyneux is a true champion of games creativity, but in the world of gaming mixed messages, that means he is also quite possibly the least popular high profile developer."

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Hisiru2300d ago

Maybe he was a good developer in the past but a genius?...

Godmars2902300d ago

Who became a hack. Someone wholly out of touch with the market or his ability as he makes comments which sound like promises that he can't keep, simply because someone's interviewing him.

SuperLupe2300d ago

Except for the unkept promises for the first Fable back in 2005 what other big "promises" did he make and not keep ?

Most people on this site repeat the same internet myths like robots but dont have a clue what they are talking about.

That said, I dont think P.M is some gebius or whatever, just a good dev, all three Fables have scored pretty well and have had huge salesn especially for an exclusive rpg.

Godmars2902300d ago

Wait, so you admit the man made and failed to keep promises with the first Fable, then try to give him a pass on everything else afterwards? And its not about the "Big" ones, but each and every time he said something during an interview just to keep it interesting. And then there's Milo, an outright lie Molyneux propped up from the start. One he wouldn't give up even when those higher than him said otherwise - and this was when he was head of MS EU!

Shadow Flare2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

This was the biggest load of bollocks I ever saw from molybox:

Complete AI that you can have a full conversation with as if it were a real person?

"this is real, and this works today"

No it didn't Peter and that's why it got canned, and you got fired.

Someone in the comments section of that video summed it up brilliantly.

"they convinced us they made AI. We got Sonic Freeriders instead"

swansong2300d ago

I hope this article is being sarcastic with its title.

eagle212300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

He had me rolling throwing that kinect fable game under the bus to his former employee. He was like, "what possessed you to use kinect controls"

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The story is too old to be commented.