The best memes of E3

GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb: "That's it. The Electronic Entertainment Expo is done. We’re finished with you, Los Angeles. Pack up the 50-foot speakers and the dubstep records. Hose down the convention floors, and set the bathrooms on fire. Between now and this fall, when these games finally start hitting store shelves, the memes will be all that we have to remember any of this actually happened."

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crazytown992260d ago

Never forget.

The memes won't let you.

Y_51502260d ago

"Feel like a purple Pikmin" The funniest joke from E3! I thought the "Go for the gold thing" was funny as well. Nintendo's show wasn't bad to watch but there was it's disappointments.

JeffGrubb2260d ago

I liked Jack Tretton saying "I want to soak you all in."

davidfca2260d ago

Jack Tretton is not the most inadvertently hilarious dude in the business, but he is up there.

(also he is interesting in that he is only ever inadvertently so; if Tretton were ever genuinely funny he would probably implode)

Tolkoto2260d ago

Hype train. Never forget.

Tomonobu Itagaki2260d ago

Those are captions, not memes.

AngelicIceDiamond2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

As funny as these memes may be, it raises the question, is E3 in the future really gonna be about Ios's and social, casual gaming, touch screen, tablets, new apps and useless tech and less about real games? I believe the big 3 are trying to showoff what they have to other ppl OUTSIDE of the gaming community. MS spent allot of time on Smart Glass? Sony spent ALLOT of time on "Wonder Book" Then soon after Sony's conference Sony's stock went up? Nintendo's bold new direction with there tablet controller? Somethings weird's going on here.

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