.hack Versus Play Videos: Haseo and Sora

Andriasang: "Going along with those new character screenshots from earlier today, we have two new play videos of .hack Versus. Namco Bandai released clips of Haseo and Sora."

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r212263d ago

the graphics on this game is gorgeous! shame that they're making a fighting game instead of an RPG similar to .hack/GU. loved those games!

Spenok2263d ago

Man I totally agree with you. Game looks fantastic. I really wish they would make another RPG like the good old days. But hey, this does look like it could at least be fun to play :D

r212263d ago

true, despite it being a fighting game, im still gonna buy it cause who knows, if its successful, the devs might consider making a full on RPG like they used to make. besides i need some .hack action on my p3 >:D

Spenok2263d ago

Ha yeah, I'm not much of a fighter fan myself. Here's hoping they put some "adventure" mode in it or something xD

r212262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Agreed man, just cant wait for new .hack XD

kostchtchie_2263d ago

one of my most favorite series from my ps2 days, looks brilliant, cannot wait to try this

Lucretia2263d ago

u know haseo would look awesome if he just had an under shirt -_-

Hicken2262d ago

I was already hyped for this game because I love .hack, but after seeing Haseo be a complete BEAST, I MUST have it!

... still, give us a new .hack rpg, please????