E3: Crysis 3 is Good but Familiar

After playing "Crysis 3" at E3 this year, it's cleat that Crytek is playing it a little more conservative this time.

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crazytechfanatic2296d ago

It's too late. Other devs have beat Crytek in the one department they always had a lead at, graphics

MiamiACR212295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

Name a current game that's out right now, that beats Crysis 2 in the graphics department.

crazytechfanatic2295d ago

Such an easy question.

I guess you haven't played BATTLEFIELD 3

MiamiACR212295d ago


I have. I guess you haven't run both games maxed yet. Once you're stupid enough to spend 1000 bucks on a 690gtx, call me with an apology; or just refund me 1000 bucks and we'll call it even.

crazytechfanatic2295d ago

why would I spend 1000$ on a GTX690?

Is it you the stupid who did that?


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mttrackmaster382295d ago

I don't think you've seen Crysis 2 with dx11 enabled. It looks waaaaaayyy better than Battlefield 3 maxed out. There's no comparison.

aliengmr2295d ago

Crysis 2 sucked. Crysis didn't have to hold your hand for a quarter of the game. It gave you the abilities and pointed you in a direction and shut the hell up. In the sequel it seemed I had someone screaming in my ear about shit I don't care about every couple seconds.

The graphics weren't better than the first at all. The "shiny" nanosuit 2.0 looked like crap and there was a lot more texture problems than the first had.

Don't even get me started on the garbage story.

The only positive differences in the first one was more ammo and better AI.

LaughingFish2292d ago

I think that's an overstatement. The streamlined control scheme and more rapid access to powers alone has to count for a lot. They even went back and retro-fit it into the original when they re-released it on XBLA, and good thing too.