E3 2012: The Size of the City in Watch Dogs

GCO: “We haven’t logged a number,” said Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin. “To be honest, we’re still building the city, so we don’t want to give a number; we’re still twinkling it.”

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crazytechfanatic2259d ago

It's huge, it's beautiful, it's complex, it's on the PC

I'm satisfied

Psychotica2259d ago

I hope it's a very large city..

TLG19912259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

but not stupid big like just cause where its just filled with desserts, forests and ocean

because i said i wanted new york. i meant i would rather have a smaller map with things to do and stuff to explore rather than one that is stupidly massive with nothing but flat land that i will just fly over with a jet and turn off.

GoldenGamer2259d ago

Yeah fuck variety! Let's just have New York!!

Raf1k12258d ago

Yep, the map in Just Cause had too much land where there was really nothing of interest and for me it actually turned into a slight annoyance because it took too long getting around the map making it less enjoyable overall.

Maps need to be an appropriate size for the content offered in the game.

bahabeast2258d ago

i wud wayy rather then them use san fran, jersey, washington, tokyo, even bahamas

bub162258d ago

cant wait for this game!!! they sold it to me from the trailer. anything else i read from now on just makes me want it more and more

seanpitt232258d ago

its gunna look awesome on ps3 with the power of the cell

andibandit2258d ago

And when they start optimizing it for the cell, it's gonna look even better

Twilightx72258d ago

Inevitable disagrees, but if you guys are hoping that a current-gen console version of this game is going to look as good as the demo shown this week, you're in for a disappointment.

seanpitt232258d ago

haha Come on the ps3 has the "cell" i wouldnt be surprised if that demo was done on the ps3.

Zha1tan2258d ago

despite the fact the fidelity of the graphics is down to the GPU, not the CPU....

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