Wonderbook opens magical world of Harry Potter to PlayStation 3 owners (

PSU writes: "It is hard to think of a better way of both reengaging Potter fans now that the series has ended, and exciting new readers to the magical world of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft. The Wonderbook presentation during Sony’s E3 2012 was a bit rough around the edges, and I’m sure most core PS3 fans felt there was far too much time spent on it. But it also showed the potential for parents to give their children a game-like experience in the safe Harry Potter lore."

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sinncross2261d ago

I think Wonderbook is a novel idea for kids. But I think if Sony really wants to pursue it as a long term endeavour it would be best to launch the game in a climate in which the PS3 is a little cheaper, but more importantly that the move becomes more accessible price wise to consumers.

TLG19912260d ago

if they bring some erotic novels i will be on my way to the shops :D

miyamoto2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Its easy to dismiss games for children like adults do with DS & Wii games but there sure sell like gangbusters!

Pokemon, Mario, etc. had NO competition for 6 years now from Sony.

Sony Europe has a different approach & young market to catch here in the west.

And they targeted a huge Potter fan base with Move. what's next Twilight? XD

I am glad they are dealing with their Achilles' heel.

TLG19912260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

in the hands of Amazon i think this could work as a new form of book. but on the playstation i can't see it taking off to much, i mean how many gamers buy a ps3 to read a book :/ i mean i love the idea i think its fantastic i just feel its in the wrong place.

not to mention the pricing of each book that get released i can't see them being cheaper that a normal book for £10-15 with all the design work and stuff

matgrowcott2260d ago

But how many non-gamers own PS3 consoles and hardly use it for gaming? Microsoft have just announced that more people use their 360s for netflix and similar applications than for gaming now, which makes me think we're in the perfect environment for this sort of thing.

Do I think the Wonderbook jokes are going to stop amongst the core? No, but the Wii jokes didn't stop either and that was a runaway success.

TLG19912260d ago

i agree completely but the 360 will be used for films and tv because it has no games left trololol only joking i just had to say it. but i know what you mean. and to be fair people use the 360 more for that because its cheaper its in more homes people have probably passed them on to friends parent whoever when they have either upgraded to a newer model or a ps3.

i still think its in the wrong place but there is nothing more i would love is for it to take of and a literal library of these augmented books to be readily available, i enjoy reading the odd book every now and then and if this gets some good support i will pick one up

lpsquall2260d ago

On the Playstation Blog, they interviewed one of the developers and they said it's one book for all games. I think this has potential. This concept is entering a new market of potential gamers and readers.

StreetsofRage2260d ago

Kinect which is the better selling motion device versus Move has a Harry Potter game. And I think it sold like ass. Having Harry Potter on your video game case doesn't mean anything.

TLG19912260d ago

well 1 kinect isnt a motion device its a motion capture.
2 its not a harry potter game its a book
and 3 it will probably still sell like ass at first lol

Nodoze2260d ago

Um Kinect is bundled. Of course it is 'better selling' MS is GIVING IT AWAY!!

How many people are actually using it and buying software for it is another matter entirely.

Nodoze2260d ago

There is nothing magical about Wonderbook. It alsmost single handedly sunk Sony's E3 press conference.

A waste of Sony funds. They should have re-invested in 8 days, or the Getaway instead of this money hole.

Loki862260d ago

Gotta love how a Playstation site, attempts to spin a positive light on this. It is a terrible product design, that will not make it to retail.

DigitalAnalog2260d ago

Should've showcased it as a preview then reveal gameplay mechanics behind closed doors. But then again, it takes a good imagination to utilize the Wonderbook well, such as science or other educational features.

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