Phantasy Star Online 2: Snow Field Screenshots

This latest batch of screenshots from Phantasy Star Online 2 shows a new snowy area and the monsters you'll encounter there. You'll be able to battle through this area on the planet of Naberius in the final build of PSO2.

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Snookies122260d ago

Can't believe this is going to be free to play on Vita... Any word if it's coming to NA as well? If it isn't I will be very angry...

NovusTerminus2260d ago

Nothing yet, but Sega is good about localizing PS games, be it PSO, PSU or PSP, they always get them over here. Lest it be an expansion such as PSP2i.

So I am sure it will come over here. And I will get it the day that it does! I played PSO so much, such a wonderful game.

miyamoto2260d ago

Look at those PS Vita graphics!!!

Sega engineered this kind of game.

If only Sega are good in taking care of their franchises & characters this series could have been bigger than Monster Hunter.

Sega Sega where is my game?

Zephyrus342259d ago

I don't believe those screenies are PS Vita from the looks of the later pictures of the skills being listed as 1-9. Oh and a 0.

Spenok2259d ago

I don't know why but I almost forgot Vita games could look this good. And is this game really going to be free2play? And if so, is that after initial purchase? Or just straight download and play?

Zephyrus342259d ago

This game is truly going to be Free2Play, and I'm sure the game will be 59.99. I just can't wait to get my buddies that have never touched a PSO game to get their hands on this one. :) As 'They' are extremely upset about D3, they're still thriving for something.

Spenok2259d ago

Ill take it you mean $60 for PC? I couldn't imagine the Vita version being more than $50 a max. And so far we have only had 1 game that price, and it seems a bit steep for a handheld title.

And speaking of PS games, I have only had the unfortunate displeasure of playing PSU. However the things I have heard about PSO really makes me want to like these games. So here's hoping this one delivers.

MasterCornholio2259d ago

Why isn't there a 3DS version? Some people would love to play this game in 3D.


miyamoto2259d ago

if the 3DS can keep up with the PS Vita and PC there might be a possibility.

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