E3 2012’s Most Awkward Moment

First rule of pre-watershed TV? No drug references! Happily, Kevin Smith tears the rule book up into tiny roach-sized pieces. Watch in glee as presenter Amanda MacKay squirms in discomfort as the director of cult classic Clerks makes reference after reference to Class A drugs, at 9am on basic-cable. I salute you Kevin for making a dull E3 a little more bearable to sit through.

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Tony-A2352d ago

Not as awkward as these:

"Sounds pretty rad to me! ....*crickets*"

"Oooohh! OOOOOHHH!! OOOOOOOOHHH!!! (Usher misses the last key)"

"Just a minute? Where's the love?? .... *crickets, one starter clap* *nervous laugh*"

"Girl boner"

And any sort of banter between both Ubi co-hosts.

samanosukeakechi2352d ago

I like Toby, but he just tried too hard at being funny. He didn't let it flow naturally. It WAS painful to watch.

His literals I do enjoy but not so much his LPs: too much talking and not much moving around, and too much reading. I skip those parts after pausing it and reading it myself.

One audience he caters to does not mean any other will understand his humour. Not all will. And that's not a bad thing. Since the E3 crowd didn't enjoy him too much, he tried hard to MAKE them notice him, which made it more embarrassing.

I hope this taught him, and those who hired him, something. Not saying he should stop going. GO!! And make me more jealous.

MoreConsole2352d ago

Good call. Usher will never belong at an E3 event. Never.

iamnsuperman2352d ago

Usher shouldn't have been there. It was just a PR stunt which I can't decide if Usher got involved or Microsoft got him involved because he was just singing his newish song. It was just odd

samanosukeakechi2352d ago

I'm more embarrassed that his jersey is that of the Edmonton Oilers.