Battlefield 3: Armored Kill, New AC-130 Details, Bandar Desert Is The Biggest Map, and More

MP1st - Niklas Fegraeus, Game Designer at DICE, answers questions about the highly anticipated upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC, Armored Kill. For those who don’t know, Armored Kill will have players battling it out over land and air in epic, vehicle-based combat on some of the largest maps Battlefield has ever seen.

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Ken222108d ago

Yes i'm gonna keep dying over and over just to parachute from the AC-130:D.

Off topic:When getting premium do i get it through the in game store or the PSN store directly cuz i heard if you do it a certain way it will charge you twice??

Hufandpuf2108d ago

I heard the PSN store, but don't quote me on that, there are some articles on N4G that tell you though.

KyRo2108d ago

Buy it from the in game store and everything will be fine.

jjb19812108d ago

I bought from the ingame store and the download froze twice while downloading in-game. I then went to the download section in the Psn store and it downloaded fine from there

SnakeCQC2108d ago

i hate the use of drones in video games it makes idiots think they are cool and acceptable in the world even though it is used to murder many innocent people if it is implemented im going to stop playing

DasTier2108d ago

Does that mean that the BO2 strike force trailer was not your kind of thing?

arjman2108d ago

I hate guns and wars but it doesn't mean I cry every time I launch BF3.

SnakeCQC2108d ago

im starting to i dont think i will buy any war shooters

jjb19812108d ago

Yes he is! It's a game... No people were harmed in the making...

Mythicninja2108d ago

Yes indeed, it couldn't be that these supposed "innocent people" were constructing explosive weapons or planning on hurting other people could it? The same kind of people that stone people to death as a legal punishment, hate women having any sort of rights, and want to cut the throat of all "unbelievers"? Terrorists are bad people kid, they can't be reasoned with.

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OneAboveAll2108d ago

Can't wait to see how dumbed down the console version is what with it's small player count.

OcelotRigz2108d ago

Well, whether we are happy or not with some aspects of whatever DLC, one thing is for certain, by the time the last dlc comes next spring, this game is going to be massive and full of variety to please everyone.

A quick question regarding guys who has played Close Quarters, whats it like for Shotguns, like, are they dominating the matches or are guys mixing it up? Because the whole idea of everyone running with shotguns has me undecided on this dlc.

blink30202108d ago

Shotguns don't dominate CQ at all. SMGs and Carbines are the way to go.

hardcorehippiez2108d ago

close quarters is better than i thought it would be. the destruction is good and no shotguns arent a problem. i use carbines and im finishing top 3 most games . While its different from usual battlefield maps its a nice change of pace to change things up a bit.

OcelotRigz2108d ago

Thats great to hear guys, thanks.

Might get it next week, kinda excited now.