Bionic Commando Rearmed Hit's Xbox Live And PSN

The Bitbag writes, "Well we saw this coming a mile away. Bionic Commando in HD?!? This is definitely a must have title for your Xbox 360 Arcade or PSN."

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GodsHand3834d ago

Awesome, but can I also play on my PSP?

PS360WII3834d ago

probably thru remote play

DarkSniper3834d ago

Thank you Playstation Network for providing Dark Sniper a stable network that will ensure that any titles he downloads will be at a consistent speed. Thank you Sony for ensuring that PSN does not go the way of XBOX Live in being a garbage premium online service that encounters server errors daily.


InYourMom3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

XBL has been up for over 5 years and only had problems for the last few weeks and even those problems are all but gone now. You are going to hang on to these 3 weeks out of 5 years and milk it for all it's worth aren't you?? Let's see when PSN reaches 10mil and they have the type of infrastructure XBL has if they can do it with never having a single issue.

Sorry man, the truth hurts and XBL > PSN. If you owned a 360 you would know this but instead you just pull things out of your arse.

Bladestar3834d ago

YOu are probably too dumb to notice that this is a single player game... lol... asside from downloading the game... why would you need xbox live or PSN?

GodsHand3834d ago

Xbox infrastructure, for 5 years, and still no dedicated servers to play your games.

I don't know, but it seems the PSN is on the right track, and thats just over a year now.

assjacket3834d ago does say 2 player maybe you would need Live or PSN!

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Antan3834d ago

Im hearing Tim Follin`s C64 BC music in my head!!!

Dark_Vendetta3834d ago

I wouldn't mind paying 10$, it's looking soooo great

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The story is too old to be commented.