New Release Video Games: June 10th – 16th, 2012 – Gravity Rush

One of the highest reviewed PlayStation Vita games, Gravity Rush, finally releases in North America. Accompanying it is the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Gungnir on the PSP, and a few more games that are worth your money.

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NovusTerminus1990d ago

Gravity Rush already ordered from Amazon! can't wait for the game. Will be trying to get MGS for the Vita soon.

pr0digyZA1990d ago

Ye those are the two games on vita that I want.

Yi-Long1990d ago

... will it have an option for the original voices!?

TrendyGamers1990d ago

I can't wait to play Gravity Rush, it looks like so much fun.

himdeel1990d ago

I'm really excited about Gravity Rush. I'm less excited about MGS HD Collection because I really wanted Peace Walker as it's the only MGS game I haven't played. So I'm hoping that it becomes available on the Vita soon.