Review: Dirt: Showdown (darkzero)

"The Dirt series from Codemasters has had an interesting evolution since the first title arrived in 2007. Originally Colin McRae: Dirt, the game was filled with different events that featured a range of vehicles, such as rally cars, buggies and hill climbing big rigs. The sequel moved away from the traditional sport setup and went into the field of extreme sports, such as the X-Games, where rally events didn’t have the dominate focus by which the series is normally known. Codemasters took the feedback and made Dirt 3 more concentrated towards rally, but also threw in Gymkhana, an event that requires you to pull off skillful maneuvers in a constructed arena to gain points. It’s only been a year, but the next installment of the Dirt series is here. Named Dirt: Showdown, this sequel feels like a fully-fledged spin off (I guess that’s why it lacks a number) as it moves the Dirt series into the raw and mucky world of destruction derby."

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