There’s No Dying In Beyond: Two Souls Because “It’s Complicated”

GCO: "In Beyond: Two Souls, the main character Jodie Holmes can’t die because it’s, well, “complicated.""

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Nitrowolf22146d ago

seems like this means that there will be only one main character that is playable. More focus on the development of one person.

Hufandpuf2146d ago

Wait, so what if I just didn't do anything?

Snookies122146d ago

Like when those swat dudes are after you? Apparently you'll end up getting caught and thrown in prison or something like that I heard... The story continues from there if you go that route.

BlmThug2146d ago

That sounds ... Awesome :D I like the 'continue with the game with what just happened' style of play, not the 'game over, restart' kind of game

Convas2146d ago

WTH, that's definitely different. So they'll be multiple endings in this as well.

Hmmmm. This could be interesting. Would really make your decisions weigh heavily on you.

No wonder they said it like making 4 or 5 movies at once. I wonder how intricate the branching paths will be.

NovusTerminus2146d ago

Well, I liked Heavy Rain, and will be looking into this game. Odd that you can't die, but they have good writers, so lets hope they can pull it off!

smashcrashbash2146d ago

Hmmmm. Sounds a little odd but okay. I suppose if people in shows could go without the main character ever dying I guess I could deal with this too. Beside even if she can't die she could still probably get hurt. If she gets a near fatal gun shot wound and gets taken to a hospital and doesn't die from it I suppose that could be just as dramatic. you will probably just have to escape from the hospital.I mean main characters in shows don't usually die do they no matter how much they get shot at and beaten up.So why not?

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The story is too old to be commented.