Sony 'still supporting 3D gaming'

The chief executive at SCE Europe insists the company has not abandoned its stereoscopic 3D gaming initiatives, despite the technology's absence at Sony's E3 press event this week.

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Kur02294d ago

In the end, 3D has been a gimmick. Most people I know won't even use the 3D on their 3DS and that is the most convenient way to get it. I really don't care for it myself.

Amazingmrbrock2294d ago

It's not a gimmick this isn't the fifties. yeah 3d on the console options kinda blows. Thats not detrimental to the effect itself when it's done right.

Play a 3d compatable pc game on a rig hooked up to a big 3dtv. Totally mind blowing stuff compared to any console attempts. On the pc you can get it going 1080p at 60 fps per eye, with all the graphical bells and whistles turned on.

This is all while leaving out the numerous engineers and scientists working tirelessly on auto-stereoscopic (glasses free) televisions with large viewing angles. Which will very likely be backwards compatible with current 3d content.

Tired2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

Unless you have a 3dtv or projector and several 3d titles for them and hate the way it has been implemented in each and every one you've played, STFU!

You can't compare the 3DS to a AAA title like uncharted 3 or the remastered collections.

That's like saying I'm not going to read game of thrones or war and peace because I didn't enjoy reading that comic book.

Daver2293d ago

3D is not a gimmick its a more immersive way to play. Sure with this generation its far from being perfect but I think next generation it will be very worth it.

HarryMasonHerpderp2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

3D isn't a gimmick.
Have you seen prometheus in 3D?
its taken it to the next step and looks amazing the film benefits from it.
It will probably be the same for games in the near future as soon as 3DTVs come down in price so everyone can afford one.

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NYC_Gamer2293d ago

3D gaming on consoles won't take off because many people are just now buying HDTV sets

TheGamingArt2293d ago

Actually, it's been hard for me to find people with out some sort of HDTV. To my knowledge. .. most people are upgrading their HDTV sizes do to lower costs.

LNDCalling2293d ago

Here in the UK people rushing out and buying the largest HDTV's they could find happened years ago.. in fact I know more people now with 3DTV's than I do people who don't own HDTV's!! :O

stephmhishot2293d ago

I was pretty surprised there wasn't even just a mention of 3D as something that the PS3 does, even if just to bring it back into people's minds. On the other hand, I don't think they needed to dedicate anytime to it, we know its there. Besides, we all know if Sony dedicated 10 minutes to it, there'd be articles talking asking why Sony wasted time on 3D when no one cares about it.

Halo42293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

I'm sure Sony is still supporting 3D. Funny thing though i was playing 3D game on my xbox360 wearing glasses so real freaked me out.

Veni Vidi Vici2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

Why do I get the feeling that all the people that are defending 3D are the people that were early adopters of it?

I hate to say it but 3D is not going to take off until it can be done without glasses, be seen from any angle without said glasses, has WAY more content that supports it correctly and costs the same as a regular TV. Even then, I'm not sure it will sell. Too many people just don't like it.

The tech that Sony should be trying to sell is UHDTV. That, people WILL buy. It'll be coming out next year and with the size of TV's that people are buying, those big screens will benefit more from 4000p than 3D that forces you to wear glasses and isn't supported well in the content.

HarryMasonHerpderp2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

I haven't bought one but i will as soon as they are cheaper.I just think it adds to the immersion whether it be a film or a game the only problem is there to expensive at the moment.Most of the people that dislike 3D are the ones that haven't actually sat down and played a game in 3D.

I recommend people watch Prometheus in 3D before they
just pass it off as a gimmick.

LightofDarkness2293d ago

Honestly, I would say that holographic projection will take off before 3DTV gets any kind of foothold. It's just not a big enough upgrade. And yes, I have a 3D TV and monitor. Some PC games look quite impressive (Metro 2033), but everything else is either "pretty cool", "OK" or pointless. Yes, even PS3's famed 3D functions aren't even close to the sort of stereoscopic effects achieved in Metro 2033, and even that doesn't seem to be enough to sway most people into buying the necessary equipment. I played around with 3D for a few days before switching it off entirely, it just gets in the way.

milohighclub2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

I was an early adapter and I upgraded this year to a 50" penny 3d and will upgrade again to a 4k or 8k 3d when they are released. Because it's worth it! Will be better next gen when they sort anti aliasing out so there's no more blur from the jaggiez

N by the way it does cost the same as a regular tv I got 50" 3d plasma 600Hz refresh with 2 pairs of 3d glasses for £699. and I guarantee its better in 2d than any tv you can name for that price. Guaranteed.

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