Did Uncharted 2 win E3 2012?

Game developers play a lot of games. In 2009 a fair few of them played Uncharted 2, and decided that they quite liked it. The formula of grunts, groans, spliced action with cut-scenes, mega-set pieces and ducking behind furniture really tickled them. Likewise, that bit when Drake climbed up the dangling train? That was just... awesome.

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aviator1892143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Really terrific article! Thanks for the read and I do agree with the points quite a bit. It's fantastic to watch an excellent game such as Uncharted 2 to come along and witness the birth of several evolutions occur in many franchises, old and new, as a result of the inspirations drawn from Drake's exciting and genre-defining adventures.

Moby-Royale2143d ago

I like your enthusiasm, and I am right there with you. It's nice to see another person that isn't afraid to realize that games influence one another.

+well said.

Don't "agree" with me, bubble HIM up!

ginsunuva2143d ago

Games influence one another? Are you nuts? No! That's craaaaaaaaaazyyyyy!

Everyone knows all devs independently conjure game concepts without any basis of ideas!

zeeshan2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

A good read indeed!

ND took inspirations from a number of things and came up with a winning formula. I am a web designer and I take inspirations from almost everything! From billboards to ads to other websites and real life objects but believe me, it is one thing to take inspirations and design something unique and it is totally another "copying" it.

I for one try my best to be as unique as possible so that each of the website listed on my portfolio speaks of my skills but I can tell you that trying to be unique while taking inspirations from the world around you is very difficult. I know that I can't reinvent the wheel but I know I don't want to be the one who just blatantly copy the ideas from other creative people.

What I am trying to say is that what ND has achieved with the Uncharted franchise is something very difficult and something that only very few people can do. Be an inspiration for other devs. Now THAT is a huge achievement right there! I understand it because of my work nature and I hope that I will one day become an inspiration for someone else.

Raf1k12142d ago

I agree zeeshan. I'm in the same boat as you. Trying to come up with unique designs has given me plenty of issues too and it's clear to see the impact Uncharted games have had on the industry.

MAJ0R2142d ago

I completely agree, I saw so many games influenced by Uncharted 2... Tomb Raid, Splinter Cell, Assassins Creed 3, so many games have evolved after Uncharted 2 revolutionized the cinematic experience in video games...

Although it does make me wonder if games are going the rout of becoming so cinematic that they end up being on rails the whole time. I don't even know if that guy was controlling Sam in the Splinter Cell demo lol, and the same with Assassin's Creed 3, the combat looks like you press one button and you win with a cinematic cut scene for every enemy...

hardcorehippiez2142d ago

i agreed also except mine would be working with music . every sound jingle and noise i hear im constantly taking influence from and creating my own. its hard to be unique because theres so much out there but as long as i put my spin on it using my style( like naughty dog do with their games ) im happy enough .

SSKILLZ2142d ago

True, I saw a little bit of uncharted in deadspace 3

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Nimblest-Assassin2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

When I saw the title... I though it would be a stupid article... but its actually kinda right.

You notice that many games have been inspired by Uncharted's pacing. I honestly couldn't remember a shooter before Uncharted that had that good pacing. After Uncharted 2, I really started notcing pacing in games. I love the quite before the storm feel.

I hate when people say "ripoff" because the gaming world is about ideas. If someone takes an idea... isn't that something to be proud of? The fact that other people want to make a game like yours is a great complement

Imitation is the best form of flattery

Take Watch Dogs for example... a game that blew me away. There are obvious inspirations like GTA, movies like person of interest.. but I love that... because each time, the gaming industry pushes itself to do better and make better games.

Watch Dogs takes those ideas, and makes them unique and their own... and I love that

Its such a shame when people use words like clone, ripoff, etc... because ideas are supposed to flow freely. Its how this industry progresses and evolves.

Diver2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

dude watchdogs isnt even real. so much of that video was faked. scripted as hell an then there is this

disagree all you want. go to gamespot an download the hi Res version like I did. you can see plain as day he's just flipping around the right stick. id rather be disappointed than blind.

Nimblest-Assassin2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

@ Driver

I do not care if watch dogs was faked,if it was scripted, if it was a concept video, etc... the game looks amazing, and has a great concept. You control the city, you can use information as your weapon... I love that idea

Also, a lot of e3 conferences do that... they have someone pretending to play the game, and just stream footage, some even use a demo in which you have infinite health, he may not have played the game at the conference...but it doesn't mean the game is not real

I mean, its embarrassing if you die or fail while hundreds of people are watching

Diver2143d ago

so the 2005 killzone video deserves a death sentence but this ges a go. na na. an if its a concept vid it aint a game. id rather have the truth. maybe they can do it later but until they do its fake.

Raf1k12142d ago

IMO it doesn't matter if Watch Dogs is not an actual game yet. The ideas behind it and the way they've been meshed together are what make it so intriguing. That's basically what people are saying here that taking ideas and using them in your own game is a good thing.

Your focus on whether or not what was shown was actual gameplay is not really the topic at hand.

NCAzrael2142d ago


How do you know that what we saw wasn't someone else playing the game before the show and everything that was happening was actual in-game footage? Yes, it is dodgey when they have someone pretend to be playing a game, but that doesn't mean it wasn't actually played that way. As Nimblest-Assassin said, it's embarrassing to have your demo go wrong because the guy playing it doesn't do something correctly.

Hell, watch the demo for Most Wanted. Towards the end the dude gets surrounded by cops and the "Busted" timer counts down and actually reaches '0', but he still manages to drive off. Obviously they disabled that so they could complete their demo.

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morkendo232143d ago

Did Uncharted 2 win E3 2012?

HELL NO!! no one won e3 this year IMO
same shit since E32006 nothing innovative but wii-U thats not saying much.

projectJenova2143d ago

sony and ubisoft did

sony for the spectacular " The last of us "
ubisoft for watching dogs

but none games this gen had the WOOOW impact uncharted 2 did

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

someone skipped out on the ubisoft, and sony press conference.

And at project jenova, just on the side... yes, so far, and i feel like nobody but the little interweb people (you guys) give it credit, in my neighborhood the thing to talk about is halo 4...yaay, honestly as far as this console generation goes, if ps3 didn't exist, i probably wouldn't be playing on consoles.

i wonder which console will be the best next generation, but right now, it doesn't look like it's the wii u, but this is too early to tell

joab7772143d ago

I agree and I believe that with this and beyond, games are proving to be on par with movies. A new star wars trilogy can b done through games. And on and on. And Uncharted and mass effect have proven that some of the best adventures and memorable worlds so not exist only in cinema. Many were disappointed with E3. Not me. The future looks good.

Thatguy-3102143d ago

To me no one has top the quality that is delivered in Uncharted 2. The pacing, excellent voice acting, amazing set pieces which aren't fully exaggerated Etc.

Awesome_Gamer2143d ago

My favourite game this gen <3

miyamoto2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

Sony is always a few steps ahead of the competition?

In the words of Shigeru Miyamoto:
"A great game resonates after it is played."

Uncharted 2 is the Super Mario Brothers of this generation?

Biggest2142d ago

That is a pretty fair comparison I'd say. SMB kicked off a major platforming trend. Uncharted has kicked off a major cinematic/action pacing trend.

StraightPath2142d ago

So Gears Of War won E3 2012?....Gears of war influenced this generation and popularised cover mechanics. Look at this gen and see the saturated cover shooter is a principle of third person shooters now after Gears of war. Uncharted took inspirations from Gears of war and numerous other games.

MysticStrummer2142d ago

lol Ok you managed to bring up a 360 game. *slow clap* Nevermind that Gears didn't invent 3rd person cover shooting mechanics, and nevermind that this article barely mentions them.

user54670072142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

Why does most people think Uncharted was influenced by Gears of War

Uncharted was in development before Gears had even been shown off. Theres no way NaughtyDof could of taken inspiration from a game which they never even saw

Biggest2142d ago

He just needed to get his 360 love out there, Mike. Pay him no mind.

DigitalAnalog2142d ago

You forget, Eight Days had the "cover" mechanic implemented in it's early trailers WAY BEFORE GeoW. That transition was pushed over to ND's Uncharted: DF. The only thing GeoW did for "cover" mechanic is that they got first dibs out on the market. Had SONY released the PS3 at the same year, it would've been Uncharted.

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GraveLord2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Interesting article. I definitely see the Uncharted inspiration in Tomb Raider.

BitbyDeath2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Yes, if there ever is a game in the 3rd person realm to start taking after it is Uncharted 2.

It did wonders for inFamous 2 as they openly admitted that Uncharted 2 was their inspiration and that saw massive improvements over the first.

Now if only devs can start looking towards Time Splitters as their inspiration for FPS rather than COD.

gamingisnotacrime2143d ago

the U2 influence has been felt for a while, it elevated the whole gaming industry and that is a huge feat for Naughty Dog and Sony for their vision on what a video game could be given the right hardware and talent.

BTW PCs are so powerful and blah blah blah and it took a console to bring U2 influence to the gaming world. Is not all about the specs, talent and vision are as important

Kur02143d ago

PCs are powerful but I always find myself more excited for exclusives and consoles see most of that, particularly the PS3. PCs get stuck all too often with bad console ports that may look very good but are buggy.

SnotyTheRocket2142d ago

*yoda voice* ----> Look into your heart PC gamers, you know it to be true.

solar2142d ago

HL and HL2 did it first. And no one here was knocking UC2 or consoles. Dont know why you felt the need to take a jab at the superior race. But i guess whatever makes you sleep better.

2pacalypsenow2142d ago

Superior Race? what are you Hitler?...

PC offer better performance for 2-3X the price of a console and consoles let people who don't want to spend $900+ to play games , Play them
I just spend $1000 in upgrades to my PC But i don't consider it "superior Race" both have their weaknesses

jeseth2142d ago

Calling PC the "superior race" ....

Whatever makes you sleep better. Sounds like you may have some underlying issues.

Its all a matter of personal preference.

projectJenova2143d ago

uncharted 2 won all the E3's this gen
end of story

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