Pachter: Xbox and PS3 price cuts 'will depend on Wii U RRP'

Microsoft and Sony are both waiting on the retail price of the Wii U to gauge whether they should reduce their hardware RRPs, a Wedbush Morgan analyst has claimed.

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iamnsuperman2146d ago

That would be a logical move by Microsoft and Sony

sinncross2146d ago

I think there will be small price cuts at Gamescom regardless.

It will make their consoles look more affordable which is something I am ure both can afford at this time.

However, I am wondering whether Sony will drop the price of the Move. Regardless of whether you like Wonderbook or not, it looks decent as a kids game. Being aimed at kids, they would really need to cheapen the components you need for it, like the PS3 console and Move.

but I think a price cut will cut from both MS and Sony: they just may not be massively substantial ones depending on the WiiU price.

ABizzel12146d ago


Agreed, that's usually when Sony does their price cuts.

Come to think of it they Wii U is basically a PS3.

Wii U > PS3 (specs. wise at least)
Wii motes < PS Move
Tablet Controller < PS Vita

LOGICWINS2146d ago

Funny, I think it'll be the reverse. When the PS3 and 360 get price drops, the Wii U will follow. I expect it to be $250.

MasterCornholio2146d ago

Nintendo always aims to be cheap with hardware so that they can make a massive profit off it. Which is one of the reasons why they were so successful with the Wii and hence with the Wii U they will do the same.

I agree with you that from what i have seen of the Wii U it doesnt even appear to be a next gen console just a current gen one with a unique controller.

deep_fried_bum_cake2146d ago

Yeah, a price cut if the WiiU is priced low enough could net them a lot of sales. I think the real story here is that Pachter actually said something sensible.

ChunkyLover532146d ago

I don't actually think Microsoft will cut prices as much as I think they will offer a Kinect bundled with every console for free. So a 4 gig Xbox 360 with Kinect would be $199 and a 250 gig Xbox 360 with Kinect would be $299.

That would come across as a price cut, but in reality it just gets more Kinects out there.

LOGICWINS2146d ago

If MS releases a 360/Kinect bundle at $199, wouldn't that ruin their $99 subscription ploy? The $199 option is CLEARLY the less expensive option long term.

ChunkyLover532146d ago

There already is a $199 Xbox 360, I don't see how it would really mess with thing too much. I mean you can rent to own an Xbox 360 at a place like Rent A Center and the end price ends up being close to $1000, same with the PS3. Sometimes its easier for people to pay a little at a time, even if it adds up to being a lot more in the long run.

I doubt they let the limited subscription plan interfere with a possible bundling of Kinect with all of their consoles.

DivineAssault 2146d ago

bundle ps3 & vita for $400 & kill Wii U before they launch.. Save ppl the trouble of wasting their time & money..

--Onilink--2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

unless the ps3 miraculously drops to $150, i think you are dreaming. Not to mention based on what we saw at E3, the WiiU certainly looks like it will be $300.

So even you dream bundle would be $100 more expensive. Lets not forget the fact that almost no games support the Vita as a controller. Even more than that, NO GAME supports it in the way the WiiU controller works. Lets also take into account that practically any type of additional control method that wasnt since launch has been practically unsupported this entire gen(Kinect, Move, WiiMotion Plus).

Lets add even more to the picture and say most people interested in the Vita at the moment probably already have a PS3. And finish off with the fact that the major use between Vita and PS3 right now is cross plataform play, which involves buying 2 versions of the game...

and by now i honestly dont see any reason in your bundle, i would just get the wiiU for WiiU games, keep my PS3 for PS3 games, and eventually a Vita for vita games, not as a PS3 controller, not to mention it would probably mean selling both consoles at a loss for Sony, which is something they certainly dont need

DivineAssault 2146d ago

exactly.. ps vita games & ps3 games.. all cheaper than when wii u drops em at full price (if they do) but i will buy a wii u at some point.. just not for a while if they dont get more games i like.. I need 5 games i want in order to buy a system

--Onilink--2146d ago

but then whats the reason for the bundle?

If you are talking about separate games for Vita and PS3, then like i said, most potential close-future vita owners probably already have a PS3.

And if we are not talking about using the Vita as a similarity to WiiU and suppose whoever buys this doesnt have a PS3 already, we are talking about having to buy games for 2 diferent consoles, which means more money.

And it still doesnt cover up the fact that it makes no sense for Sony to lose money on both consoles just to make a bundle that has no connection(like found on the WiiU) between products unless you are willing to buy 2 versions of a game, and still all you get is crossplataform save file

2146d ago
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