Nintendo Posts One Final Video To Close Out E3

E3 is all wrapped up and Nintendo is ready to say their farewells to the expo center. But there's still one last video to reveal to the world. Who really did the best at E3 this year? Find out now.

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eagle212142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

Nintendo needs to do something game based or marketing wise using Non Specific Action Hero. I thiought that was brilliant.

darthv722142d ago

give away one with every wii-u purchased.

Rrobba2142d ago

This character needs a game!

What if it's the character from Miyamoto's new IP? Who knows...

chanmasta2142d ago

Non-Specific Action Figure NEEDS to be in the next Smash Bros. game.

NEEDS to be.

EcoSos32142d ago

I think they are just teasing us of a new IP.

ronin4life2142d ago

That would be cool...o.o

AWBrawler2142d ago

I think he was just a brainfart that we made famous and Nintendo is responding to it. Who knows, if we keep talking bout him, he may get a game. it's clear that Nintendo is listening to us now.

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