Halo: Reach June 2012 Update Adds 4 New Invasion Maps And More

One of the great things about Halo: Reach is that it is updated ever single month for free. What is noteworthy about this update is the addition of 4 new maps for Invasion, something the game mode desperately needed.

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aviator1892295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

It really is great to see the developers, with 343i at the helm now, continuing to provide fantastic support and updates to a game that is over a year old now. The new invasion maps are actually quite fun and change up the mix quite a bit.

TrendyGamers2295d ago

It's coming up on two years, which makes it even better how much they're supporting it.

BringingTheThunder2295d ago

they needed more maps for a long time

MerkinMax2295d ago

Honestly as a Halo fan, seeing the franchise go to a new developer was troublesome, but 343 has proved themselves. And as a fan of the deeper Halo fiction, Im glad 343 is putting more emphasis on bringing deeper fiction through in the games, and making it all feel important.

Time to play Halo 1,2 and 3 again, and reread Crytum, Primordium and Glasslands. Hurry up November!

BootHammer2295d ago

New maps...woo hoo! 343 seems to be more than capable of filling Bungie's shoes. Halo 4 can't come soon enough...

delosisland2295d ago

Is anyone else sick of slayer and skirmish types? I choose invasion to play strictly invasion. I hope they do a better job consolidating their playlists. For example: rocket hog race should be its own playlist and there shouldn't be 3 different basic team slayer playlists either :(

biRdy2295d ago

Though not every update adds in maps to matchmaking, I always enjoy when they take the time to update the game. Hopefully they continue this with Halo 4 with the great features they will most likely add to forge.

STICKzophrenic2295d ago

Are these all new maps or are they maps built in Forge World?

I only ask because Forge World is the main thing that killed Reach for me. I get so tired of seeing Forerunner styled maps over and over.

aviator1892294d ago

Even though I enjoy the Forged maps, I see what you mean. While the maps are built well and support competitive play, I've also grown wary of the same grey palette used for the blocks and parts of the maps. I really wish Bungie had mixed up the colors a bit for Reach. We can only hope that 343i makes good on these hopes with Halo 4.

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