Splinter Cell: Blacklist: Blame Avatar tech for Michael Ironside’s Absence, states Ubisoft


"Too old for this sh**?

Being a massive fan of the franchise since day 1 of the first title, I anxiously (but professionally) grilled our presenter of the game after our behind-closed-doors presentation at E3 2012.

The answer is reasonable, but fans still may not be happy."

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Proeliator2263d ago

I think the game will be fine, it'll just take some getting used to as the author says.

gaminoz2263d ago

It'll be more about action though it seems?

Proeliator2263d ago

As I said on this OXCGN sites other article about the game, Conviction was a fantastic video game but a terrible SC game.

I think this one may be the same way... looking forward to the return of svm though. Interested in what they have to say about it.

gaminoz2263d ago

I love Ironside. His gritty sardonic tone cannot be repeated.

I'll miss him :(

Proeliator2263d ago

He made the humor better, too...

user54670072263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I think there could of been a way for Ubisoft to get past this problem...I don't know how myself but it can't be impossible.

A younger actor huh....I wonder if really it was just cheaper to get a new actor to do it instead. I'd be ticked off it that was true, he might not be the action star he once was but he still might of been able to pull it off.

Richard McGonagle is 65, older then Ironside, and he does all the motion capturing for Uncharted...I mean of course he dosen't play Drake getting involved in almost every action scene but still he gets his fair share of the action while acting it out.

BadCircuit2263d ago

Ironside had menace and sarcasm down pat.

I guess with less subtle gameplay comes less subtle voice acting...

BootHammer2263d ago

That does stink but maybe the new motion capture tech will make up for it and make the game that much more realistic.

BadCircuit2263d ago

That's the hope. I don't mind the action myself, if it is different enough from the others.

I'm not sure most gamers these days have the patience for gameplay like the original Splinter Cell.

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The story is too old to be commented.